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Who else really misses Gaga? Getting emotional thinking about her. 🖤😭 #WeLoveYouGaga

One of the best moments of my life was hearing this song live at the Chromatica Ball!!✈️ I love u so much Mommy and I'm always so proud of u! You deserved it! Paws up forever!🥹❤️🫶🏼 #LadyGaga #Oscars2023 #AcademyAwards #Gaga #weloveyougaga @ladygaga #HoldMyHand #TopGunMaverick

Gaga having almost 54M monthly listeners on Spotify, in 2022, without a studio album release in almost 3 years, is outstanding!!! Xoxo, LOVE YOU MOTHER MONSTER 🖤💋 #WeLoveYouGaga

I wish she was my personal friend that i got to hang out with everyday. #WeLoveYouGaga…

The song, Poker Face by @ladygaga always makes me smile. The pulsating beat and the lyrics is everything a dance song should be. It’s a masterpiece. #WeLoveYouGaga #music

@LittlerBuss Gaga helped me get through when i was suicidal. #WeLoveYouGaga

Lady gaga was also seen giving money to the homeless after her concert in san Francisco in 2017 and she was wearing white high heels but unfortunately i dont have the photos since its not supported in my contry. #WeLoveYouGaga

In 2005 lady gaga was sexually assaulted when she was 19 years old by a music producer in def jam records. The name is unknown because gaga doesn't want to experience the pain she suffered ever again so we need to respect her decision. #weloveyougaga 💜

I swear to God, Stefani has the most beautiful smile ever, this video melts my heart, she's gorgeous... 🥹 Dear angel, I hope you're happy, because smile looks the best on you❤️ #LadyGaga #WeLoveYouGaga ⭐️🌏

Can’t believe it’s been a month since I went to the #ChromaticaBall in SF. I miss Gaga so much that I wanna go back to Chromatica so bad 😭. #ChromaticaBallSF #ChromaticaBallSanFrancisco #WeLoveYouGaga

Lady gaga is currently at Warner studios for Joker La Folie A Deux. Please send her your. Love: #WeLoveYouGaga

It might not have been the end we wanted for the Chromatica Ball, but it was def a damn good one ♥️ thank you for that LG 🫶 see you next time 💫 @ladygaga #chromatica #chromaitcaballmiami #chromaticaballmiami2022 #edgeofglory #ladygaga #weloveyougaga

How are you doing, Gaga? It's been a month since you kicked off The Chromatica Ball in Japan🇯🇵I’m so grateful to you for bringing such amazing shows here❤️‍🔥Thank you so much from the bottom of my 🫶 Paintings and photos by me @ladygaga #ladygaga #ChromaticaBall #WeLoveYouGaga

I've got a 100 million reasons to love @ladygaga 🖤 I don't think other people will ever understand how much I love this woman with my whole heart. You know what I mean #littlemonsters. Thank you for being YOU. Thank you for everything 🖤 #ladygaga #ChromaticaBall #WeLoveYouGaga

Seeing @ladygaga and being a #littlemonster feels like being a child at christmas. She does not even have to perform or entertain us, she could just sit there for hours doing nothing and I'd love HER 🖤🖤🖤 #ladygaga #ChromaticaBall #ChromaticaForever #WeLoveYouGaga #hauslabs

She's the most talented woman, brilliant in singing, acting, reinventing make up, she's precious, kind, iconic, hard working, smart, strong, sexy, inspiring, awesome, unique, beautiful, incredible. . . I love you with my whole heart 🖤 @ladygaga @hauslabs #WeLoveYouGaga #ladygaga…

still thinking if @ladygaga feels ok. I miss her sm. Hope she gets a solid rest 😭 #WeLoveYouGaga

Has anyone seen any activity from @ladygaga? We love you mama, hope you’re okay! 🖤 #WeLoveYouGaga

#bornthisway がリリースされて速攻で真似したやつ。画質悪くて、粉々でガタガタだけど。 パテが思いの外面白かった。 #ladygaga #WeLoveYouGaga #bornthisway

debía aprovechar mi primera vez en New York para visitar el primer departamento de @ladygaga dónde escribió ‘The Fame’ 🥰 #WeLoveYouGaga 💋

@ladygaga I want to make sure you're okay ? mommy 😙❤️ hey don't be sorry it was the night of my life thanks u for everything it will forever be in ours memory's 🥺💓⚔️ #chromaticaballMiami #chromaticaball #WeLoveYouGaga

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