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@CornetteElie Je t'envoie ça mon pépère sur smapchatte... Elle est giga dead la vioc sa tête de zombie là... #WalkingDeadfinale Oublie pas de m'envoyer des vies sur candy crush sinon ça va mal se passer... #torgnole #niquetayoum Bises, Tonton.

Daryl to Carol 'i love you' now i can die in peace 🙂❤ #WalkingDeadfinale

We got one enemy. We ain’t the walkin’ dead #WalkingDeadfinale

During the great toilet roll shortage of 2020 my index finger went through a sheet of Lidl 2ply and got covered in my own excrement. I didn’t realise at the time that it would be a more exciting moment in my life than the #WalkingDeadfinale

They should’ve ended the walking dead with Judith recreating this #WalkingDeadfinale

@cocosrosita No everyone doesnt. For the genetic experts, Chandler doesn’t look like Andy. The child actor that plays RJ looks NOTHING like Danai or Andy but it doesn’t matter because they are ACTORS. Just like Roland who is a fine actor #twd #walkingdead #walkingdeadfinale #twdfinale

I was expecting some angst but damn Rosita. I wasn’t her biggest fan and it hurts so much to see the finale #WalkingDeadfinale

#WalkingDeadFinale Disappointed but not surprised. These things rarely end in a satisfactory way.

#WalkingDeadfinale izledim. İzlemediğim onlarca bölümde birşey kaybetmediğimi fark ettim.

The music in the last scene of #WalkingDeadfinale is so beautiful. @WalkingDead_AMC any chance of a soundtrack released ? Please 🙏

I think my purpose in life is to survive a zombie apocalypse #WalkingDeadfinale

DailyAppUpdate #TutuApp #Android Into the Dead MOD Modern OPS Official Trailer Motor Tour:Bike racing game Racing Go - Free Car Games MOD SLIME-ISEKAI Memories MOD The Walking Zombie 2:Shooter MOD #WalkingDeadfinale #Thanksgiving2022 Download for fun ➡

I love when series finales reference the name of the show… “You know what Judith, they really are the Walking Dead”. #WalkingDeadfinale


Just finished #thewalkingdeadfinale , it was so damn good! I feel bad for people that gave up on the show! #WalkingDeadfinale

hi!! looking for twd moots! i’ve been a fan since before the show, but i am just now making a twitter for it! feel free to follow and message me! #TheWalkingDead #WalkingDeadfinale

Too many tv shows that I love have horrible final episodes (How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls), but The Walking Dead nailed it. We need a happy ending right now, and we got one. Thanks @WalkingDead_AMC! 2/2 #WalkingDeadfinale

I have been a part of The Walking Dead family since the very beginning. And now, I’ve come to the end. Wow. What a satisfying ending! 1/2 #WalkingDeadfinale

Efsane dizimin final bölümünü ağlaya ağlaya bitirdim çok güzel Bi serüvendi #walkingdead #walkingdeadfinale

Je viens de finir Walking dead, c'était fou du début à la fin cet épisode final!! 🥺 #WalkingDeadfinale #WalkingDead

بهد از ۱۱ سال #واکینگ_دد به پایان رسید استرس کشیدیم خوشحال شدیم خشمگین شدیم لذت بردیم #WalkingDead #WalkingDeadfinale

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