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Heading home from a much needed week at the beach..not a bad way to kick off ASHP Midyear #twitterx #ASHP21 #ASHP21sweepstakes @ASHPOfficial

Illicit fentanyl is involved with the overwhelming majority of overdose deaths NOT Rx opioids.. #TwitteRx

Just want to wish positive vibes to all #TwitteRX applicants & interviewers during #ASHP21 #PPS #PharmRes. Get to know each other, don't make it intimidating. It's been a rough 2 years and we just want to get to know each other

The woman, the myth, the legend, The Queen of Pharmacy: Dr JAM! (@JayCdoesID). We are so humbled to be able to work with you. Thank you for all you do for us, your community, & the profession of pharmacy. You make us proud to know you every day. #EquityisaVerb #TwitteRx #PharmEd

@Rachel_EMPharmD answering the question of how long is too long for a letter of intent! #twitteRx #foam

Midyear week officially begins! Super excited yet nervous about this interview season. You come into residency with your mind set about what you want to do and then you literally do a 180 and change your speciality interest. Wish me luck y’all #TwitteRx #criticalcare #PGY2

#TwitteRx, #PharmRes, @ACCP @ASHPOfficial @pharmacists @SIDPharm get ready to donate to a food pantry of your choice 12/13-19/21 Team #340Brie🧀 (or see others/more info at the website below) Be sure to include #HCWvsHunger @sweetchinchilla…

#ASHP21 begins. Looking forward to meeting all the future #oncopharm driven residents! Booth 12/7 from 10-1 (EST). Best of luck during the next few weeks with applications, PPS, and networking #TwitteRx

Have questions on treating an antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative infection? Then this session is for you! Head over to this LIVE presentation by @SIDPharm members @MoniqueBidell, Ronak G. Gandhi and @lodise_tom at @ASHPOfficial Midyear 2021! #ashpmidyear2021 #TwitteRx #AMR

And so #ASHP21 begins. Good luck to the residents of #TwitteRx and #oncopharm … look forward to meeting all the great candidates for our PGY2-2 program

Please drop links to your posters in this thread, #TwitteRx friends!

This was such a good read on treatment of #depression - thank you for sharing your story Nora. I learned a lot about ECT and social prescribing that I didn’t know. Check it out #twitterx #medtwitter #mentalhealth…

Excited to meet you all tomorrow! Be sure to download Microsoft Teams to video chat with us! #ASHP21 #Midyear #TwitteRX…

Preceptors and RPDs, God bless you over the next few weeks. These LORs, PPS interviews, and Evaluations are tough to add to our plate but so worth it. #twitteRx

Want to learn more about antibiotic dosing in the critically ill population? Look no further than this on demand presentation by @SIDPharm members @jeffpears0n and @BPotoski at @ASHPOfficial Midyear 2021. #antibioticoptimization #ashpmidyear2021 #TwitteRx

This is a PhunQuiz Dose. Which drug is indicated for both endometriosis and central precocious puberty? A. Nicardipine B. Nafarelin C. Nefazodone D. Neostigmine The answer is in the thread #Drugs #Medicines #TwitteRx #PharmTwitter #PharmEd #PharmacyStudents #NAPLEX #Pharmacy

Interested in learning about #vaccine technologies and development? Be sure to check out @SIDPharm members @jlbouchard001 and @IDProfBP’s LIVE presentation at @ASHPOfficial Midyear 2021! #ashpmidyear2021 #TwitteRx

@Surgeon_General @drkomanduri I’m all for supporting people and providing mental health resources BUT the root cause needs to be addressed…inadequate staffing, lack of resources or wrong resources aligned, lack of time for professional development, and the list goes on. #TwitteRx

🔔Gilead Issues A Voluntary Nationwide Recall Of Two Lots Of Veklury® (Remdesivir) Due To Presence Of Glass Particulates🔔#IDTwitter #MedEd #TwitteRx…

"I didn't realize this CDC Covid-19 vaccination card was important!" Good grief man..We are in the middle of a global pandemic and that's your proof of vaccination against it...seems to me that would be sort of important!! #pintobeans #goodgrief #TwitteRx

“We also need to shift to more collaborative models of care because we truly are stronger and better together” #MedTwitter #TwitteRx #healthcare #burnout #healthcareworkers #frontlineheroes #Collaboration…

Working on a presentation this weekend and made this C Diff colitis pathway diagram on @BioRender 12/10 would recommend, it's free and somewhat user friendly #IDtwitter #Twitterx #Cdiff 🦠 . . s/o @KnorrJohn for showing me

The fact that people think we are making a ton of money on prescriptions is a huge problem. All that money is going to PBMs. Most pharmacies are struggling to take care of their employees. This ignorance is sickening #TwitteRx

If you take a medicine, got a vaccine, or received a #COVID19 test, chances are your care was made better and safer by a #pharmacist. It’s about time to 👏🏼: •Fully staff pharmacies •Limit PBM overreach •Reimburse for cognitive services #TwitteRx #publichealth

If you have been following the #pharmacy labor market and PBM saga, it’s been wild. These trends exist alongside to labor shortages, huge strikes, and price inflation across industries. Except in pharmacy, we are responsible for making lifesaving Rx meds available. #TwitteRx

Fuck this idiot. We are working our asses off to take care of the public. Fucking scumbag #TwitteRx…

Presenting #RetailPharmacy guy! He has to try to care for the community he loves while understaffed and being paid shit! He hates that PBMs have turned his profession into fast food, but himself more Burnout: ++++ Depression:+++ Alcoholism: +++++++ #TwitteRx #PizzaIsNotWorking…

#Pharmacists and technicians have carried out massive massive #COVID19 vaccine efforts despite being under-staffed and under-resourced. The result: #TwitteRx #publichealrh…

Interested in PGY2 ID 🦠Residency? 🙋‍♀️🙋🏾‍♂️Come meet us at the ASHP Residency Showcase! #IDTwitter #TwitteRx #ASHP21 @ASHPOfficial @UWHealth

Hey, @AssociatedPress, you left out that we are all understaffed and overworked because we are paid like garbage due to PBM greed. Want us to take care of the public safely? Pay us enough to staff appropriately because this shit isn't worth it #TwitteRx…

New study has established guselkumab as both a safe and effective treatment option for PsA in patients who had previously responded poorly to TNFi. #TwitteRx

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