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@RonnyJacksonTX LOL Ronny! I hope you’ll be interrogating the head of the #TrumpCrimeSyndicate who encouraged vaccine makers to hurry up / cut corners on the science so he could benefit politically. He also pushed #ConspiracyTheories AND the vaccine, because even you know #VaccinesWork

@realTuckFrumper Not that it’s surprising to hear tRUMP admitted his loyalty is to Putin, but the dolt really doesn’t care what the optics look like, when he says this crap, does he?#TrumpIsANationalSecurityRisk #TrumpTreason #PutinsPuppet #PutinOwnsTrump #PutinsGOP #TrumpCrimeSyndicate

Drain the swamp! Trump- and Meadows-backed House candidate agrees to plead guilty to accepting illegal campaign contribution. #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #corruptGOP…

@SpeakerMcCarthy The 🇺🇸 ppl just cut the biggest waste of 🇺🇸 taxpayer's 💰 there ever has been Jan20, 2021. #TrumpCrimeSyndicate is almost out of 🇺🇸Govt. Maybe if we make sure there aren't any fed contracts, including Secret Service & get rid of a few more #Traitors; we'll save a lot of waste!

@patbrody3 You, my friend, are absolutely part of the problem. He is VERY FAIRLY HATED. He earned it. Trump is absolutely atrocious. He’s ALSO A TOTAL LOSER AND TWICE IMPEACHED *PAST* PRESIDENT. HEY TRUMP: YOU’RE FIRED. #TrumpCult #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #TrumpCrimeSyndicate

@Lon_S_J Trump purposely tried to ruin our reputation around the world. That way when he went rogue with #PutinIsAWarCriminal he could blame it on the world persecuting him. #TrumpCrimeSyndicate

melania was brought to Trump via Epstein. That should be the story. I don't care what Bill Gates did, nor Hunter Biden. I care about what the #TrumpCrimeSyndicate family did while working at the WH.…

@alaynatreene @ChrisCillizza @RepStefanik @CNN This shows the length to what she will do to coverup any crimes of the #TrumpCrimeSyndicate . Stefanik is a threat to National Security !

The real ‘weaponization’ of the Justice Department: Barr and Durham. The whole Trump admin was one big crime spree. #TrumpCrimeSyndicate Gift article:

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office considers whether to file criminal charges against Trump over payments to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep her from talking about a long-denied affair. Its time to lock up Trump! #TrumpCrimeSyndicate…

@DonaldJTrumpJr YUGE, Your Daddy raw-dogged a porn star, Stormy Daniels while his current wife was nursing your half-brother then bribed her, which is a FELONY. Michael Cohen has the Receipts, @ManhattanDA will prosecute #Individual1. #TrumpIsDone #TrumpCrimeSyndicate…

Also note that while TFG is throwing McGonigal under the bus, (as he does with any of his enablers that get caught), everything McGonigal did helped TFG win in 2016 and helped to hide the corruption in his campaign after the fact. McGonigal is part of the #TrumpCrimeSyndicate…

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