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show me a scene where u guys don’t have your shoes on the bed or a couch. i’ll wait! stop ur ocd pick me card, we have eyes we watched the show and u guys are known for that @khloekardashian #TheKardashians

✨NEW NEWS✨ #TheKardashians How Penelope Disick helped Scott following car accident. ❤️…

Why is chris jenner trying to make herself look like a Ken doll? #thekardashians

I watched the Ep in a rush yesterday. Gonna have to watch it again tomorrow. #TheKardashians

What if Black American police harassed white people? What if whites were the minority in modern America? Visit to read the opening scenes of 2023's most controversial novel for free! Thank you for the retweets! #kindle #readersoftwitter…

Is it weird how deeply the Kardashian’s friends feel their feelings for them or do I just have bad friends? #thekardashians

Did we really need the 5 minutes infomercial about how Kourtney is passionate about her vitamin line? I don’t think so…. #TheKardashians

@kardashianshulu @hulu Sooooo OBSESSED but need a lil more KHLO energy now that our prayers have been heard for her health!!!! #thekardashians

Did kylie jenner actually say on #thekardashians    that she taught herself how to do make up? What a right royal middle finger to the glam team that have worked with them the past 10 years. Wake up Kylie.

Watching season 3 of #TheKardashians and omg I just love @khloekardashian she’s been through so much shit, she just needs a break. She’s just amazing how she copes with everything 🫶🏻 #khloeKardashian #khloe #Kardashians #disneychannel

ultimamente eu ando só a Kylie "como o carro tem três pedal se eu só tenho dois pé?" #TheKardashians

#TheKardashians need to shut it down now. This show is so boring and they’ve become so irrelevant

Kourtney Kardashian wows in tiny two-piece but fans left questioning 'weird' caption #KourtneyKardashian #TheKardashians…

How cringe was the @kourtneykardash full on ad break in the middle of #TheKardashians ! A sponsored ad break in a reality episode, and they wonder why we are wishing they would go back to being relatable and transparent

To celebrate the launch of S3 of #TheKardashians on Disney+, we've created the perfect kuiz to test your knowledge on all things Kardashian 💅🏼 The brand new season of The Kardashians is now streaming exclusively on Disney+ 🎥 (SP)…

finde nur ich es kontrovers, dass in der dritten Staffel #TheKardashians noch #Balenciaga getragen wird?

Say what you want, but I'm all ALL for #TheKardashians Season 3 show opening! 🤩

The difference is on Keeping Up, they couldn’t fully control what they shared, now on this new show they can ! And what they want to share, we don’t care about 🤷🏽‍♀️ #TheKardashians

At least they know we think the show is boring. So are they going to justify the boredom of it all or do something about it ? #TheKardashians

so khloe how you had stitches all outside your mouth but magic’s healed within. WEEKS without and SCARS…. not buying it boo #TheKardashians

Kourtney Kardashian wows in tiny two-piece but fans left questioning 'weird' caption #KourtneyKardashian #TheKardashians…

Just Khloe Kardashian spilling some wise words that I'll quote for the rest of my life. 🧘 #TheKardashians… 'I give it 6 months': Fans fear Landon Barker will 'regret' his new tattoo of girlfriend Charli D’Amelio #TheKardashians #Hulu

"I just know I woke up and I had this huge bandage on my face." Khloe Kardashian had to have a pretty gruesome surgery to remove a tumor on her face on #TheKardashians:

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