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I’m built different Joey, I’d never walk out on you #TheBachelor #TheGoldenBachelor

They paid Taylor Swift bucks for that Golden Wedding promo. The franchise is going all in on Gerry/The Golden Bachelor #bachelornation #thegoldenbachelor


Faith or Joan would make the best Golden Bachelorette. I dont see it for Leslie cos I think she's a tad too emotional to be a lead. #TheGoldenBachelor

#BachelorInParadise stunk this year but going from #TheGoldenBachelor to this new season of #TheBachelor is back to back amazing

All I said was, "as we first watched #TheGoldenBachelor, with Sarah which character I most identify with and it's all the deceased spouses represented!"

Note to self: When speaking to a "On Death and Dying" College class, do NOT make references to #TheGoldenBachelor

Here is our Golden Bachelor recap with our guest Meryl!!! We had so much talking about this episode. Go take a listen!!!… #TheGoldenBachelor #BachelorNation

Women, take note. Men in government have no business dictating your bodies. #TheGoldenBachelor…

#TheGoldenBachelor FINALE Recap is out now! Hear out thoughts on Theresa winning, Leslie's heartbreak and more! #GoldenBachelor . @mostlikelypod Apple:… Spotify:…

Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Theresa Nista’s Net Worth After Engagement #RealityTV #TheGoldenBachelor #TheGoldenBachelornews

A friend expressed interest in watching #TheGoldenBachelor and idk if he's prepared for the intensity of how we will need to watch it. In no universe can this franchise be a Netflix and Chill type occasion

The missed a REAL opportunity to cut to Kathy when Theresa started talking about knocking his boots off #TheGoldenBachelor

“The Golden Bachelor” Star Gerry Celebrates Finally Being Able To Take Things Public #TheGoldenBachelor…

This lil segment to garner sympathy for Gary? Its not giving what they think its giving. We all watched you say this woman was your person. Goodbye. #TheGoldenBachelor

Go get Theresa. And let's just make it clear Kathy was right all along. #TheGoldenBachelor

YES LESLIE YOU BETTER TELL HIM. That man said you were his person and 2 days later it's all different. ROLL THE TAPES. It was a lie absolutely. Leslie, you are too good for him. He is trash, let him take himself out. He should have said all this on that bench. #TheGoldenBachelor

Gerry’s bug eyed head ass was really courting Leslie knowing damn well he was in love love with Theresa🫠 you men are sick at every damn age!!! #TheGoldenBachelor

Gerry’s blonde daughter looks exactly like his ass! Just took his whole face and head shape omg #TheGoldenBachelor

Rewatched the finale and I realized something. Gerry handled her F2 just like how Juan Pablo handled Clare years ago and we don't talk about that enough. Gerry made promises to Leslie that she was the one just as Juan Pablo made the same to Clare. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #TheGoldenBachelor

What are the pet peeves of ‘The Golden Bachelor’ girl gang April, Susan, Kathy, and Nancy?… @wgtc_site ----- @GoldenBachABC #TheGoldenBachelor #GoldenBachelor

@coachchrissy13 @SHABOOTY I’m busy watching old folks embarrass themselves on #TheGoldenBachelor! 😂 But #MillionaireMatchmaker? I used to LOVE that show

#TheGoldenBachelor Per AARP, seniors depend on social security as sole means of income-especially with pensions being a thing of the past. You earned it. ☮️…

Do you want to stay forever young, flirty and thriving? Make sure to listen to this episode covering #13Goingon30! Additionally, Whitney gives her quick thoughts on #TheGoldenBachelor finale. #50BestRomComs Download and listen the new episode today!

Are Baby Boomers the new Gen Z? 📺PJ Pereira weighs in on #TheGoldenBachelor Effect advertisers are experiencing, via @katiecouric media. #TGB…

Are Baby Boomers the new Gen Z? 📺PJ Pereira weighs in on #TheGoldenBachelor Effect advertisers are seeing, via @katiecouric media. #TGB…

#TheGoldenBachelor Gerry Turner is telling all about his engagement to Theresa… and seeing Leslie again on “ATFR.” Listen on this week’s “Extra: The Podcast,” available on the @Audacy app or wherever you get your podcasts: @bachnation @warnerbrostv

Ain’t no way yall hating on the choice a 72 year old man decided to spend his last part of life with. Yall are truly nuts. #TheGoldenBachelor

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