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@LaJeunesseArt prayers up for you and your family brotha, happy everythings going well! #RaiderNation

Thank you for all the love and prayers for bella! We get to go home today ❤️ 🏴‍☠️ she’s still on antibiotics and has her cough but she’s kicking this flu and rsv’s butt! Just gotta keep her hydrated and monitor her at home. #RaiderNation

East Coast Pregame Show [Week 13] Can't wait to see #RaiderNation im Vegas this weekend 😤

.@Raiders’ GM Dave Ziegler on @CrosbyMaxx: “I think he should be Defensive Player of the Year.” More here:… #Raiders | #RaiderNation

Have a rly crazy gut feeling that Josh Jacobs and Davante go crazy tomorrow.. I can’t explain but I feel it #RaiderNation

The Pentagon's new #B21 is called the #Raider. It's Silver & Black; scrambles like Stabler; defends like Jack Tatum, will last as long as Blanda. Needs @TomFlores at the helm. #RaiderNation @MickeyIbarraFP @Raiders @_OaklandRaider #NFL #football @vernKPIX @rickquanABC7 #lasvegas…

Even the military is onboard… #RaiderNation @icecube “US Air Force unveils new B-21 Raider nuclear stealth bomber”…

@RaidersBeat If no contract agreement between both side raiders will have to franchise him and if he walks raiders could possibly get 1st rd pick or 2nd rd pick for compensation for Jacobs leaving, not sure how high pick could we get back on Comp? @VinnyBonsignore @VicTafur #raidernation

I feel like the raiders should keep carr for another season then if it doesn’t go well draft a qb but hey #RaiderNation has always been in denial 😂

I'm sure @derekcarrqb & @tae15adams would like few more Ws at this point but this is still pretty damn good. #RaiderNation

@rdesai711 We are the #RaiderNation — if we are going to do it, we are going to do it the hardest possible way. Lol

"Complementary football will be a must once more for the #Raiders this Sunday against the Chargers in Allegiant Stadium." #RaiderNation…

We need you all send that love, prayers, healing vibes to one of our own🙏🏽 #RaiderNation…

YA SOMOS 2000!! Esto sigue creciendo y es gracias a ustedes que siguen interactuando y apoyando la cuenta Se que el equipo pasa por un momento difícil, pero acá estaremos hasta el final informando del equipo de nuestros amores GRACIAS A TODOS #RaiderNation!! #RaidersMexico

#Raiders vs Chargers has always been interesting. I found it crazy that only 19 times a Raider has rushed for 100 or more yards against them. Jacobs has done this just once. #RaiderNation

I made this special for @ryanla24. Sometimes my tweets don’t show on his TL. Can all the #Raiders fans RT and @ my dear friend so he can receive his gift? #RaiderNation 🏴‍☠️…

This is why the U.S. lost. This guy brought all the bad Chargers juju to the World Cup. 😂😂 #WorldCup #RaiderNation

@FOX5Vegas It’s just decades of frustration spewing out and rather entertaining to watch unravel week after week. FYI, #RaiderNation has been changed to something more relevant for todays Raiders. You can have back the Nation and skull guy once you win a playoff game. #Raiderville👻

We have touched down! ✈️📍 Who’s in Vegas for the game weekend???? Tap in 👇🏻@VinnyBonsignore we’ll see you at 5 👊🏻 #RaiderNation #TPPN @PigskinPodNet

Didn't see Ekeler and JJ being 1/2 this late in season OR having them both. P.S. peep that team name #RaiderNation ☠️☠️☠️

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