Top Tweets for #RaiderNation

We might have arguably the worst defensive line in the league, and Maxx is getting double teamed, sometimes even tripled teamed, but it doesn't matter because Maxx will be Maxx and give it his all every time Don't take Maxx or Adams for granted #RaiderNation…

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Here's every "nickname" that The Nation gave the 🤡 during the Raiders Report today #RaiderNation wants the @Raiders to fire Josh McDaniels!

Hey Twitter! Get these Steeler tweets off my TL. I don't follow anything having to do with them! #RaiderNation

I’m so sick of seeing youth movements develop and @Raiders either keep reaching or the coaching is a mess #RaiderNation . Come on !!!

@Pepeinvegas17 Let’s just say I’ll never have a problem with you standing up for the Raiders. In fact, it was expected of us. #BlackHole #RaiderNation

@Raiders should have kept Gus Bradley dude is all of a sudden a top 10 dc imo ! But they didn’t keep Him Rod was an elite DL coach Ron milus could coach dbs cc @KuhnTristen #RaiderNation

I get jealous of seeing youth movements on team, Houston found their HC and their qB and got. A good Ol building Shane S on Indy is solid and building something Gannon with zero talent has the cards playing hard . #WeDeserveBetter #RaiderNation

#RaiderNation rant time Not that I expected the @Raiders to be elite because I didn’t but it’s game 3 and it’s more of the same shit from last year. A head coach who is not a leader of men, a complex and boring offense that he runs. Chris and Mike T said it last night there is……

Everyone tripping out about hoyer starting it’ll be AOC they know what is right #RaiderNation

The fact the Raiders barely beat the Broncos, and looked horrendous the last two games, is concerning. How many games till we call this season a wash #RaiderNation ? Hoping for a turnaround soon 🤞🏽

It's time for the Raiders to bench Jimmy Garoppolo & start Aidan O'Connell Here's why:… 📺 #RaiderNation if you want Josh McDaniels to bench Jimmy G & start the rookie - RT this piece!

@Sanjit__T I know it was preseason but O’Connell was quite impressive in the games he played and if Jimmy can’t go McDaniels should/needs to go with AOC over Hoyer! I mean unless JMD wants to tank! 🤷‍♂️ #FireMcDaniels #RaiderNation

McDaniels is lucky Al isn’t around. His ass would’ve been left in Buffalo. #RaiderNation…

Yooooooo #RaiderNation just hit Fresno California, catch me up to speed, has Davante demanded a trade, Has anyone been fired???

My coworker said: Hey its not too late to go back to the @steelers cause its tough being a @Raiders fan... My Reply: FUUCCKK NO! With that Clown Tomlin and the nonsense praise for his embarrassing #RaiderNation for life! No going back! #nfl

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