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Misreporting or underreporting of defects is among the top shop floor problems. 🤒🤕😵 With Optio’s one-touch report function, you can get accurate and real-time ⏱️ defect measurement and tracking. Get a demo to see how Optio works. #qualityimprovement

As part of your 2022 business goals, consider a strategy to measure and improve the quality of your #customerservice. 5 Steps to Measuring Customer Satisfaction explains the process in detail with samples for your own #qualityimprovement. To learn more:…

There was no milage in this! Staff shortage is your main challenge: Improve efficiency - not capacity. #QualityImprovement Concern over ‘disgraceful’ nurse staffing levels in mini-nightingales…

Our online training modules provide an introduction to #qualityimprovement (QI), including how to implement a QI project. These modules are free to access and can be completed at your own pace. Find out more and access the modules:

Fantastic course to further develop your #QI skills & compliment your ongoing @LothianACAS improvement plans ⬇️ @LothianQuality @Michell10251597 #QualityImprovement #SignUp!…

#RT @AANMember: Watch the recording of, Providing Quality Care in a Telehealth Environment. Access is free with your AAN Membership. #QualityImprovement #NeuroTwitter #Telehealth

Watch the recording of, Providing Quality Care in a Telehealth Environment. Access is free with your AAN Membership. #QualityImprovement #NeuroTwitter #Telehealth

"The total cost of looking after patients with medication-associated errors exceeds $40 billion each year." Here's how we can optimize patient outcomes by reducing these errors with Kure. #QualityImprovement #Healthcare #SaaS

Curious about #PatientEngagement best practices, resources and the role of @PatientVoicesBC? On January 20, join our Tools for Teams: Patient Engagement and Team-Based Care webinar: #TeamBasedCare #QualityImprovement

A new role working with the brilliant @MarcQIfellow and the @qi_HHFT team 👏🏻 Click below to find out more 📲 #careerdevelopment #qualityimprovement…

New publication and #QualityImprovement resource! The Guide to Integrating Quality Improvement Into Family Medicine Residency Programs is available here: #SectionofResearchers

Whatever our drivers, we should all be able to agree that healthcare needs to continually evolve, improve and develop in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.… #qualityimprovement #QITwitter #benchmarking

From President Dr. Dan Westphal, find out what’s new at the American College of Medical Quality in 2022:… #HealthcareQuality #QualityImprovement #QualityMatters #QI #MedTwitter @ACMQ_4all

Busy day for @mariyomisma, @pc_puertas and @potenzakanley. Juggling the @epsom_sthelier cohort one, module five #QualityImprovement Practitioner Programme and now back with @NHSCommsJoe from @NHSElect for the “Creating videos on a smartphone” session. Great attendance!

Work in #pharmacy in the West of England? Want to gain an introductory understanding of applying #QualityImprovement and practical tools? Join our free QI Series held on Tues evenings Book now:… #WEAHSNAcademy @SW_Pharmacy @SwinWiltsLPC @AvonLPC @GlosLPC

Interested in #QualityImprovement, but not sure where to start? ✉️Email us at [email protected] to sign up for a #QI Clinic appointment and we'd be happy to talk things through with you! ☑️The Clinical Audit and NICE team will also be available for clinical audit advice.

Loving the #COVID19 stakeholder map to plot out the power/influence vs level of interest as an example of stakeholder mapping by @NHSCommsJoe from @NHSElect on the @epsom_sthelier #QualityImprovement Practitioner Programme. Cohort One, Module 5!

We have #QIESTH lift-off for cohort one, module 5 of the @epsom_sthelier #QIPractitioner programme. @NicolaChandler1 kicked off proceedings. @NHSCommsJoe discussing Involving Service Users in #QualityImprovement #QITwitter

Twitter is such a great platform for us to share & celebrate #QI in action. We love it! What do you want to see more of? #OurTwitterAnniversary #5years #QItwitter #celebrate #sharelearning #qualityimprovement

Presenting for the team today - out of my comfort zone. But definitely worth it to unite our teams and for service improvement #OneTeam #vision #qualityimprovement

Engaging People in Improving Quality (EPIQ) is designed to help bring people along on the journey to #QualityImprovement in health care. Check out the "From Ideas to Implementation" module, which discusses tools to generate ideas for change.

3/3. In add, does the process the go on to specify the form, or function, and any characteristics and features of the problem? What about necessary conditions or the context? What if it’s confines or limitations? … or am I just being too precise? #Nursing #QualityImprovement

1/3. An observation: having meandered into the world of #QualityImprovement [reading-wise] I’m puzzle by the start point of the many #QI tools, “define the problem”. What does that actually mean? Surely not simply state the problem (as you’d simply be instructed to do that).

Fantastic session on #QualityImprovement in #health services, from @MarcQIfellow. Great discussion on how to drive change to give the best care possible. Including this gem of an example of how to form a movement for good 🕺💃… @CahprOxford @OfficialCAHPR

Transform how you collaborate on #qualityimprovement. EQUIPP® brings a level of standardization and transparency so that you and your quality allies view data and performance metrics in a common way. Learn more about EQUIPP®.

January's edition of British Journal of Healthcare Management (@bjhcm) is available via #BrowZine Access for FREE with your NHS @openathens log-in, register here #AI #VirtualClinics #Telemedicine #QualityImprovement #Budgets

"Strategic Improvement of Oral Antineoplastic Investigational Agents Compliance" by Anas Alshawa et al… @dralsurimik @arjazieh #QualityImprovement #Healthcare

The support visit also facilitated for a discussion with nurse testers to ascertain causes of failed panels for continuous improvement on received HIV EQA blinded samples to monitor quality in HIV testing services. #ART4LIFE #SUPPORTVISIT #QUALITYIMPROVEMENT

The difference between ‘fair’ and ‘excellent’ is attention to detail so we prefer taking time to get this right New ICON Training #qualityimprovement

Do you want to edit and publish your own special-themed issue of our Journal? Learn more about our supplemental issue publishing program and contact us:… #HealthcareQuality #QI #QualityImprovement #PatientSafety #PtSafety #MedEd @ACMQ_4all @JeffersonJCPH

From the last post... Have a look at the work and lessons covered in the Minitab course. I have tried to fit all methods in a couple of images. #minitab #linkedinlearning #qualityimprovement #bussinessdevelopment

@JonathanO_QI @catherine_ia and @RoweRenarta are currently leading our Reducing Restrictive Practice collaborative at @bsmhft, they will definitely have some useful advice! 🤝📈 #QualityImprovement

Amazing opportunity to work within an incredible amount! Yes, I'm absolutely biased but it doesn't make me wrong 😁. #QualityImprovement #QI #QITwitter #ExcellenceinCare…

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