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We have noticed that, in the churches today, without the choristers & multimedia, the church service will not have more life. Always appreciate this people. They are all ministers of the gospel. #winners #NigeriaDecide2023 #Employment

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is perhaps one in the very few and eclectic league of statesmen in Nigeria. Obasanjo has never been shy to declare his Nigerianness. #NigeriaDecide2023 #OBJ #ObidientMovement

POLITICS: CNPP asks Buhari, security agencies to investigate CJN’s London trip to save judiciary.… #latestnews #EndSARS #ObiDatti2023 #NigeriaDecide2023 #PoliticsLive #BuhariLetBawaGo

A country run by a drug kingpin or a terrorist apologist cannot be trusted by other countries to be reliable military allies. Be warned. #NigeriaDecide2023 #Tinubu4Prison

We maybe down but we’re not out poor man standing laughing But he knows where shoe Dey pain am He no fit do anything But one day The tables will turn #AFGvPAK #otilo #NigeriaDecide2023 #electionresult

“Sometime it’s not just the beauty or creativity in your Arts..but it’s the dignity to redefine your Labour” @AnthonyAzekwoh #NigeriaDecide2023 #BBTaitans #Twitter #Arts

Wait oooh, thé 8 million people wey vote for @officialABAT where them dey? @inecnigeria cause people wey dey celebrate APC win no reach 10. #Obidients #fypage #NigeriaDecide2023

@tundeph @engr_rgtt @jeffphilips1 Abuja is not a State. El Rufai was the FCT Minister under OBJ for 8 years and later ran for Kaduna Governorship. If Abuja was a state he would not be qualified. The President is the Overseers of the FCT (Serving AS Governor and he appoints the Minister. #NigeriaDecide2023

@jeffphilips1 Judgements are made on PRECEDENCE. The Supreme Court has ruled in 2008 that 25% is a must in the FCT. THE “AND” is CONJUNCTIVE. They can however change their minds ….. IT CANNOT BE DONE NOW . Precedence is already established. #NigeriaDecide2023

Fresh import!!! Super clean 2017 GLE 350 full options with original duty. Good deal! Price: DM #Obidients #NigeriaDecide2023 #Inecresults

Nigerians didn’t need to watch big brother, we were in our own real reality show in Nigeria where all of us na house mate.. ✍️ #NigeriaDecide2023 #BBTaitans

@fkeyamo @officialABAT There wont be any swearing in for @officialABAT.. How can that happen in the land of the living. He has carried the hornet nest. He has to be stinged. #falz #NigeriaDecide2023 #kenethokokwo #nigeriavsghana

@jacksonpbn @Princemoye1 @PoliceNG_CRU @PoliceNG @OfficialDSSNG, This is too serious to be taken as mere writeup. Kindly investigate this allegation against the staff members of @inecnigeria. Jackson may also have more info. Thanks. #INEC #NigeriaElections2023 #NigeriaDecide2023

All the students expelled from school as a result of malpractice needs apologies. They deserve to be rewarded because they re following the footsteps of their professors ☺️☺️☺️ #Obidients #eyeneck #NigeriaDecide2023 #returnthemandate

64 more days until BAT presidency. Sha ma juru baba yi. Most of us in diaspora are supporting your government. #NigeriaDecide2023

#TinubuForPrison Whether you like this man on not, it doesn't matter. Because it will not change the fact of his being as the newborn number one citizen of #NigeriaDecide2023. The howlers are free to hug the tsar bomba of Russia!

Naira currency is costly now, no small boy is abusing the currency again #NigerianElections2023. But please let the politicians do the right thing #NigeriaDecide2023 #Nigeria economy

If you want to do abortion please there's no need for you spend money on pills, just look at Tinubu picture and is done. #BBTaitans #NigerianElections2023 #NigeriaDecide2023

Please is there a reason why @KamalaHarris @VP decided to boycott Nigeria and visit Ghana and other two Africa countries??? How do you even talk about Africa without mentioning the most populous nation in Africa How ??????#KamalaHarris #African #USA #NigeriaDecide2023 #Obidient

The country has crashed so many years ago,The real leader’s of Nigeria 🇳🇬 are dead long long long ago,even if bola tinubu,Atiku or Peter obi one of become the president prayer for them because he will got so many mess to clean up that can takes a decades. #NigeriaDecide2023

My mind is telling me that the Judiciary will do things differently by insisting on positive and fair outcomes of election court cases. May not be business as usual, they may do the right thing this time. #nigeriadecide2023 #nigeriadecide @inecnigeria @JudicialWatch @nassnigeria

Nigeria is officially in a state of Constitutional Crisis, and there is a deep fear that its democracy would be ended by the inauguration of Mr. Tinubu on May 29th. #NigeriaElections2023 #NigeriaDecide2023

The Nigerian Legislative arm lack credibility! This same case of 25% in FCT came up between Obasanjo and Buhari in 2003, it was admitted by the court to be an ambiguity, it was never amended after that, to clear the way for subsequent elections. #NigeriaDecide2023 #Nigerian

We got Pablo Escobar and Osama Bin Laden 😎🤏 #NigeriaElections2023 #electionresults2023 #Nigeria #NigeriaDecide2023

The way the APC spokespersons are talking recklessly is a clear indication that the mandate will be returned. #NigeriaDecide2023

A critical analysis of the provisions of the constitution as it relates to FCT by @KayodeAjulo For the sake of emphasis, the operative words are "just, reasonable and sensible." #NigeriaDecide2023 #Nigeriaelection2023…

Dear @officialEFCC @OfficialDSSNG there's work to do. @inecnigeria and Yakubu Mahmood must be investigated for corruption, enough of this nonsense. This is unacceptable, the figures is outrageous.. #NigeriaDecide2023…

frontiernews: Electoral violence: Investigate govs, deputies or ...… #news #Nigeria #INEC #NigeriaElections2023 #NigeriaDecide2023 #SERAP

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