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I think I want to do a Himuro and Fuyutsuki fanfic 😩🥹 that show has me in a chokehold I need it!! #iceguyandhisfemalecolleague #himuro #fuyutsuki #anime #blerd #fanfic #needit #degradaise

@bigapplehobby Here I thought I found my holy grail yesterday, then boom this slaps me in the Twitter face. #needit

Nah what a beautiful beautiful shoe and it looks comfortable too 🥺 #needit

Excited to launch this new site and overhaul all my merch! Making the original @NeedItGaming gear limited and prepare for multiple exclusive drops throughout the year! #NEEDIT As always the #WeAreMadden shirts are available here as well.

This would be heaven for me. My baby would be running all around this bed #needit…

S/o Mel. Honest man will always get his getback. #GBG #GreenBubbles #Needit #Stamped

When you smiling ear to ear just speaking on him ..hits different #needit 😉🫡

@DubDotDUBBY He must be new here. David must be a want it kinda guy… definitely not #needit vibes.

i’m overdue for a girls day out. ugh ! drinks, finger food & hookah. #needit 😩

@garyvee So hope to get my hands on one of the tickets before it gets here. Going to try to save up money for it from now until then. So need the kids to take it easy on me bc they always come first. #singledad #veefriends #needit

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