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"I oppose Shenkol symbolism" Who says? John Brittas Isn't it the same guy who said Christianity existed in Kerala before Hinduism Yes 😂😂😂 #Budhi #Jeevi of #Prabhudhar #MyParliamentMyPride

The artistic excellence in the new Parliament building is a testament to our nation's rich cultural heritage. We all are feels proud for “Central Vista” the new Cultural Home. #MyParliamentMyPride @PMOIndia @IndiaArtHistory @narendramodi

Your words of 2021 proved to be prophetic. In the event Cong chose to stay away from the inauguration & celebrations of #MyParliamentMyPride despite exhortations by @PMOIndia @narendramodi. Wonder if this could be the foreboding for its prospect in 2024? ;-)…

#MyParliamentMyPride ये हैं अपना नया भारत का नई संसद का कुछ जलाकिया देखकर आपको मोदीजी की सोच पर गर्व महसूस होगा जय हिन्द🇮🇳🫡🚩

Former Prime Minister of Nepal's objection to the map of Akhanda India in the new #ParliamentHouse The history of India is shown through the map of #अखंड_भारत, which can never be denied. It shows how India was formerly intact and what area was in it. #MyParliamentMyPride

The regions shown in the mural are of ‘Akhand Bharat’, and not of the current territories. It is ridiculous if anyone is displeased with such a portrayal.… #MyParliamentMyPride

Former PM of #Nepal objects to mural of ‘Akhand Bharat’ in new Parliament building The mural of ‘Akhand Bharat’ displayed in the new parliament shows the undeniable history of India.… #संसद_भवन #अखंड_भारत #MyParliamentMyPride

Everybody crying for Akhand bharat map in Parliament Building. They should read about glorious Mauryan emprire. #AkhandaBharath #MyParliamentMyPride

Exclusive details of the New Parliament Building | #MyParliamentMyPride via @YouTube Regards-LOK AYUKTA COUNCIL, TAMIL NADU #Great #Greetings @narendramodi @PMOIndia

मां भारत के वीर सपूत, प्रखर राष्ट्रवादी नेता, ओजस्वी वक्ता,वीर सावरकर जी की जयंती पर शत्-शत् नमन 🇮🇳 #वीर_सावरकर #VeerSavarkar #MyParliamentMyPride

@BBCHindi Galat socha apne Rahul ji Jo dekh ke khilaf bolta hai bhagwan ya apke alha uske sath Aisa hi karte hai Rajniti me Jo dekh ka bhala bura videsh me Jake bole uske sath Aisa hi hota hai #MyParliamentMyPride

wove 12 magnificent pieces, each measuring 8 x 11 feet, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Kashmiri craftsmanship. (2/2) #CEPC #kashmiricarpets #indiancarpets #textiles #indiantextiles #rugsofindia #atmanirbharbharat #handmadecarpets #centralvista #MyParliamentMyPride

नया संसद भवन मजबूत लोकतंत्र की शान, नए भारत की पहचान! #MyParliamentMyPride

Ms. Jyoti, a student of BA LLB at IIMT College of Law, Greater Noida, shared her expression on the new Parliament of our nation, India. .… Call us: 9717015300 . #iimtindia #myparliamentmypride #lawcollege #llbcourse #llb #bestlawcollege #laweducation

What is Sengol? Know about its history & significance | #MyParliamentMyPride… via NaMo App

Exclusive details of the New Parliament Building | #MyParliamentMyPride via NaMo App

@jawharsircar को संसद भवन सिनेमा हाल या मॉल की तरह लग रहा, @RJDforIndia को ताबूत। परन्तु जनमानस के लिए, नवनिर्मित संसद #MyParliamentMyPride है एवं लोकतंत्र का मंदिर तथा श्री @narendramodi लोकतांत्रिक मूल्यों को स्थापित करते हुए भारत को समृद्धि पथ पर ले जानेवाले महानायक ।

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