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I really got called an alt-right troll last night because I believe #MaKhiaBryant was using self defense and that she deserves justice and the cops who murdered her need to be held accountable.

@JackPosobiec lol oh @shaunking gives out the passes no?! Hahaha! Yeah right! You can't give a pass if your pass is suspect too wtf?!?! @AttorneyCrump said u stole the #MakhiaBryant money. Just like @patrissecullors punked the entire white community and stole y'all's #reparations to buy 1/2

I bet you would be asking them had your operative successfully photographed and confronted the jury while they were leaving the court house. I thought @NBCNews couldn’t sink any lower after the #makhiabryant shooting, but this truly takes the cake.…

If All Lives Mattered, #MaKhiaBryant wouldn’t have been condemned & #KykeRittenhouse praised … but, of course, MaKhia didn’t actually kill anyone 🙄🙄

I keep hearing people say #KyleRittenhouse was acting in "self-defense", and all I can think about is #MaKhiaBryant. 😢

It’s funny how some people are praising #KyleRittenhouse for using self defense are the exact same people who trashed #MakhiaBryant for doing the same thing.

since we're talking ab "self defense" ... #MaKhiaBryant deserved to die but, #KyleRittenhouse is a free man? we know who this system protects and who it doesn't protect smh

#makhiabryant was trying to defend herself soooo why is she dead by the hands of the police. To all the white people who are silent, but claim not to be racist you are apart of the problem this country criminalizes peoples with darker skin. #RittenhouseVerdict

I unfollowed #CoriBush after she defended #MaKhiaBryant who was shot after being told to get down as she was about to stab someone, and I don't regret it. So for Bush to compare #KyleRittenhouse to a debunked comparison in #Ferguson is expected. Oh, and #KyleRittenhouseIsGuilty.

If you can defend #rittenhouse but you can’t defend #MaKhiaBryant there’s TWO types of #amerikkka

Told us to stfu about it, anytime we spoke up. Shrugged & justified police murder when it came to #MakhiaBryant. Tried to keep us in check. Cursed at us & assaulted us in front of our children. A Black impacted Mother AND BW organizer. Then wondered why we weren't fuzzy anymore

@KingJames you are a SAD excuse for a role model. Just another overpaid celebrity who is incapable of deducting logic. Perhaps you could take all of that negativity and build up your own oppressed communities. Also, the #MakhiaBryant shooting was #justified in case you forgot.

@civicpulsenews but he saved tionna bonner, also a black woman... why nobody cares 'bout the #blacklivesmatter he saved? what makes #makhiabryant so important and tionna so disposable?

No consequences for the 20 yr olds who were trying to fight #MaKhiaBryant. A minor. The whole thing will get swept under the rug even though, SHE called the police & one of the older girls pulled a knife first smh Her death will never sit right w. me.

i'm gonna always block ppl who believes the killing of a child, #MaKhiaBryant, was justified. there are NUMEROUS situations where a cop was put in a similar predicament & didn't have to kill the individual. why couldn't she be subdued? it's been done before smh

There's less sympathy and less call to action when gender and resistance show up during incidents of police violence. Look at how #MaKhiaBryant was attacked after her death for attempting to protect herself. #HowWeEndUP

Sisterhood is a powerful thing. Was inspired to be given an award by @JMacForFamilies and was proud that my organization could bring some joy at the event as well. Was a pleasure to present Ms Paula Bryant with a laptop. This is community #MakhiaBryant SAY HER NAME

#CliffordOwensby deserves justice #BreonnaTaylor deserves justice #MaKhiaBryant deserves justice #JelaniDay was murdered #JacobBlake deserves justice DEFUND THE POLICE 🤜🏿

It was an absolute honor to present #MakhiaBryant mother Paula a brand new #HP high Quality laptop. We love you Paula! Justice for Makhia! We fight with you! Thank you @JMacForFamilies for giving us the opportunity to gift Paula and stand with this beautiful mother!

Lessons from 2021 !!!! Bullied children are now allowed to murder those that bully them. #bullying #TimothySimpkins #makhiabryant

We can’t allow children’s brains to be polluted by social media & do nothing. We need to empower children with the life skills to succeed in life, like Conflict Resolution. The current #Texas incident could have been avoided & #MaKhiaBryant would still be alive. #WeCanDoBetter

It's crazy how so many people condemened #makhiabryant for fighting (with a weapon) and yall justified police shooting and killing her at 16 years old but yall are the same ppl.. outraged by the Mona Rodriguez shooting..even though it started because she went to fight a minor

We discussed the #RkellyVerdict , honored #MakhiaBryant and tried to figure out "What IS Black Woman Joy"? Centering Sisters: Black Girl Joy via @YouTube

Ma'Khia Bryant should have turned 17 years old today. Our thoughts continue to go out to her family, loved ones and community of Columbus, Ohio. #sayhername #makhiabryant

Today would have been #MaKhiaBryant's 17th birthday, but she was killed by police last year. We will never stop fighting to end police violence, to dismantle white supremacy and to ensure that Black boys and girls can grow up with safety and dignity! #SayHerName!

Today would have been Ma’Khia Bryant's 17th birthday! Today we #sayhername and we commit to continuing to work for a world where Black girls can find joy and live with health, safety and dignity! We will fight for the world you deserved - that we all deserve! #MaKhiaBryant

Happy Birthday #MaKhiaBryant ! Rest in Power Angel #SayHerName 💜💜

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