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@ddlovato @ArianaGrande can we please have a music video for met him last night #methimlastnight #Please #lovatics #arianators let's make it happen ❤️😍👍🏻

U know we can definitely achieve this #Lovatics we are fire 🔥 and nit an small fandom.We need to set daily goals & encourage Lovatics to stream. Trust me this work i mean such a masterpiece deserved📢📢📌📌❗❗…

while i’m shocked to see this, i totally support them. i get that other lovatics are also posting this on their feed, but at the end of the day we have to support Demi no matter what. saying “we won” isn’t showing them support. #WeLoveYouDemi #lovatics #demilovato

3 days worth of listening to @ddlovato 😂😂😂 I need help. But also I don’t wanna be saved 😂 #lovatics

I REALLY loved @ddlovato this year! DWTD was an INCREDIBLE album!! Love them! 💘 #SpotifyWrapped #DemiLovato #Lovatics Top 0.1%!!

You got this Demi 💪🏼 You have a whole army behind you. ❤️ #DemiLovato #lovatics #healyoself

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