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Sorry but those white Buffalo uniforms looked like a onesie with a full diaper #letsgopens

@penguins Skinner better not be playing tomorrow after that hit on Guentzel. To be real even tho we where not playing are best of hockey that was one good hockey game. Let’s bring that energy to tomorrows game and start a little streak again. #LetsGoPens

Carter for the win & Elvis has just left Buffalo: @penguins win 4-3 #Pittsburgh #Penguins🏒🐧 #PittsburghPenguins #Pens🏒🐧 #PensNation🏒🐧 #PPGPaintsArena #LetsGoPens #PensHockey

Friday nights means staying up to watch the Pens win in OT!!! @Megan_Carter_ Bryson says “Great goal for Big Jeff Carter and Let’s Go Pens!” #LetsGoPens

The #LetsGoPens improve to 4-0-1 (.900) and are allowing just 2.20 goals per game without Kris Letang since he was sidelined on November 29th. They were 11-8-3 (.595) and allowed 3.23 goals per game prior to November 29th. #LetsGoPens

Jake Guentzel as the 1st star of the night... with 1 goal and 2 teeth... #LetsGoPens

If I'm a player on the Sabres, I'm getting into the locker room and taking care of Skinner with my bare hands post-game. #LetsGoPens

That game was playoff caliber! Great win @penguins !!!!!#letsgopens

How many times has a team had nearly a full OT of powerplay time from a major. It can’t be that many #LetsGoPens

Let’s go pens !!’ That’s fucking right !! Woooo #LetsGoPens

#NHL GameScore Impact Card for Pittsburgh Penguins on 2022-12-09: #LetsGoPens

#NHL GameScore Card for Pittsburgh Penguins @ Buffalo Sabres on 2022-12-09: #LetsGoPens #LetsGoBuffalo #Sabres

@penguins Never forfeiting on the #LetsGoPens OT won tonight! #BlackandGold 🐧🐧🐧🏒🏒🏒 now please catchup to the @cavs game and help root and support the #LetEmKnow team to extend the lead without errors also! #WineAndGold #FearTheSword

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has just left the building!! And he’s heading to Skinner’s house with a flaming bag of crap for his porch. #PensWin #LetsGoPens

Bom, vou tentar achar uma bosta de um site pra ver se eu acho o jogo Penguins #LetsGoPens

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