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@CanadaChina @canjenmay @TCS_SDC Please protect the rights of Canadian citizens #KrisWu and his mother Wu Xiuqin, who have been wrongfully detained in Beijing since 2021. They have been silenced since July 2021. #JusticeForKrisWu #KrisWuIsInnocent

I don't wanna see creeps on Twitter those who believing Kris Wu is criminal after seeing duck meizhu club video and live chat video 😂 How can be these teens so dumb they're trolling their daddy #kriswu Kids respect him he started his carrier when you weren't even born

اگه یارم نباشی خل میشم گنگستره شهر پکن میشم #kriswu #wuyifan

@mrbcyber and how and who is defending the basic human rights of Canadian,#KrisWu? He was arrested, silenced, submited to a secret trial and sentenced to 13 years in jail. Also his mother was silent arrested based at justice obstruction. No one cares what evidences show that he is innocent

so why don't you care about #KrisWu's case? Is alco Canadian!…

Unfortunately, many people are too quick to judge many things and then by the time they realize that what they have done is wrong, it is often too late! #kriswu #wuyifan #alwayswithwuyifan

Can someone explain me why he looks taller here probably he is more than 187 cuz Karlie is 188 i think he is 190-94 in real idk 🤷🏻‍♀️ #kriswu

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