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@siasatpk رانا بھائی آپ سے ہمدردی ہے اس فراڈن نے آپ کو کہیں کا نہیں چھوڑا اللہ آپ کو اس فراڈن سے پناہ میں رکھے #RanaSanaUllah #ImranKhan 🧐🧐

इमरान के खिलाफ सैन्य अदालत में मुकदमा चलाए जाने की संभावना, पाकिस्तान के रक्षा मंत्री आसिफ… #PakistanDefenseMinisterAsif #ImranKhan #MilitaryCourt #Trial

@Shahidmasooddr #shahidmasood is a new Spokesperson for Estab and Punjab police remember this idiot - he is saying yasin rashid is involve and judges are with - #imrankhanPTI #imrankhan thanks for taking thier cloths off #عمران_ہی_تحریک_انصاف_ہے

Begairat @Shahidmasooddr ajj Punjab police kay spokesperson banay huway thay MashaAllah Yasmin rashid bekasur nahi hai - shahid masood aur pujab police kay pass saboot hain aur adliya Mili huwi hai #imrankhan say #عمران_ہی_تحریک_انصاف_ہے

Neutrals are running out of people for press conferences. Now they are going nuts. #ImranKhan is reality and nobody can deny it. Voters are still with #IK…

@SoldierViews Tukkar with poor awam……. Which kind of army chief’s that girls are getting disrespected and 4O insan got killed…… and he’s just thinking to destroy Imran khan and his awam…..#ImranKhan zindabad

Bilawal Bhutto On Imran Khan PTI | #ImranKhan #ImranKhanStatus via @YouTube That is a way to made them accountable they are in their own lalaland whereas people are dying of hunger

Kab tak yah Pakistan ki awam system yah bardasht karega yah Jo log aajkal political engineering ho rahi hai yah to bade mansab per a jaenge hamara kya mukaddar Hai system Ham to aisi system ke sath phir se jakad liye jaenge zara socho #pakistan #ImranKhan #pdmchor

@PTIofficial @RaufHassanPti plz inform the public that this is a fake account trying to be Mr.Rauf Hassan and could misguide the public with its tweets #pakistan #ImranKhan

@MrsImranRiaz Friday night ko Kisi ne khoab mein dekha #Imrankhan bhi ko police ne wapis airport drop kar dia or bhi apni munzil ki taraf rawana ho Gy Is ki tabeer ye hai wo jald wapis a rahy magar ane ke bad wo pakistan se bahir chaly Jain Gy Allah Kary bas wo a Jain Ameen Elahi Ameen 🤲

So they said that Murshid should not be shown on their sellout Tv? So they said that Murshid's name can not be mentioned on their sellout media? Nevermind! What's a trending top in London? Of course, none other than @ImranKhanPTI ❤️💚🇵🇰 ✌️ #ImranKhan #فتنہ_نانی_بےنقاب

A true leader’s are born like #ImranKhan and not made tht when #ShehbazSharif went to #Turkey to congratulate #TayyipErdogan tht #Shehnaz started acting like a child, who just met - his hero but the real true hero is living in #Pakistan named #ImranKhan_

Another illegal abduction by the agencies, the code word for ISI, of 82 years old sick man to blackmail his son, a leader of #ImranKhan's party #PTI #PakistanUnderFascism #PakistanUnderStateTerrorism #ReleaseAllPoliticalPrisoners #ReleaseImranRiazKhan #ReleaseFemalePrisoners…

👇 HAPPENING IN #PAKISTAN NOW 🤢 Unprecedented oppression against political opposition / supporters of Ex-PM @ImranKhanPTI #ImranKhan #PTI. Women still abducted/disappeared, tortured & raped by #ImportedFascistGovt / army intel agencies. Maltreatment of all prisoners……

If you answer this question correctly, you will have exceeded 99% of people. Click the link to tell me your answer, there will be a surprise if you answer correctly---> #mathproblem #ImranKhan

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