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I ♥️ when my fav pop girlies visit me at work! 🥹 @elliegoulding 🎥📸 . . live on #IDOLFINALE ON RN WATCH N VOTE ✔️

Yg ada ntr si salma nguji dosen2nnya di ISI wkwkwkkw... btw once agai congrats salma .... #salmasalsabil #IndonesianIdol2023 #IdolFinale…

🎉 Congratulations to Iam Tongi, the new champ of #AmericanIdol! 🏆 The judges couldn't be happier for him! 🌟 His incredible talent and vibrant personality truly earned him this victory 👏 #IdolFinale via @accesshollywood

one touch and she is even more perfect. I love you Katy Perry 💝 📱 I used presets love from AirBrushApp #AirBrushApp #KatyPerry #IdolFinale

@AmericanIdol @wtongi @megandanielle @DisneyCruise I voted for both I got really excited when Megan made it to the final #IdolFinale @megandanielle @wtongi congratulations IAM 😎

Hawaii's Iam Tongi Has Been Crowned The Newest American Idol For Its 21st Season @wtongi @AmericanIdol #iamtongi #IdolFinale

What's your favorite music? Join us on to freeze with your Monday Motivation and you favorite music! Congrats to the American Idol contestants and the next American Idol Iam Tongi @wtongi #MondayMotivation #MusicMonday #AmericanIdol #IdolFinale #Idol

@katyperry Not that it's any surprise, but the best thing about watching #AmericanIdol has also been learning what a great human being you are. #IdolFinale

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