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@DakotaLaden This is absolutely awesome! Please come to the UK 🙏🏻 Love you guys and what you do @DakotaLaden @ChelseaLaden @Tanner_Wiseman @Alex_Schroeder4 #FearFam

@Alex_Schroeder4 Are you wanting to eat a sock? Because like, the #FearFam will undoubtably come through, if we haven’t learned that by now. I almost feel like this is a #challengeaccepted situation

Every night before bed I check the @ProjectFearYT kickstarter to see where it’s at. Then every morning I wake up and check what it got up to, and it’s always moving up each day. #FearFam is forever the best fam 🖤

@Alex_Schroeder4 Alex, are you doubting the #FearFam’s ability to reach the 150k? 🤣

@Alex_Schroeder4 We can only do so much 🥲… good thing that’s A LOT 😈 #WeGotThis #FearFam

@Alex_Schroeder4 We can't wait to see the places you guys go! #Fearfam!

@spookyalliecake Guess what I got today? Can’t wait to tear into this. It looks amazing 🤩 #FearFam is talented & supports each other, too!

Realizing my photo was pre-Covid times 😂 obviously time for a little bit of updating so…. #NewerProfilePic 🥰 me & #MyGirl both ❤️ @ProjectFearYT and of course our #FearFam 👻🐤❤️

✅ Now it’s at $329,702. What we’ve witnessed as the #FearFam over this last week is truly incredible. I think @ProjectFearYT will grow even bigger, especially when the road trips begin to be uploaded on YT. Their KS may end in 2 weeks, but it’s just getting started #ProjectFear…

I just subscribed Project Fear today! Looking forward to see an exciting new location! I love Destination Fear. Never miss an episode. Can’t wait to see you soon! #ProjectFear #FearFam

@ThatEricAlper @ChelseaLaden Destination Fear, hands down!! But, it’s all good…the #FearFam has @DakotaLaden, @ChelseaLaden, @Tanner_Wiseman & @Alex_Schroeder4’s back!! #ProjectFear is on its way!!!! Support the kickstarter if you haven’t already!! 🖤❤️

@ChelseaLaden Friend Yvette and we started our own ghost hunting group, Haunting Angels. We’re going back to Waverly in two weeks and also have plans for Tran Allegheny, WV State Pen, and Brushy Mtn Pen #fearfam

@Alex_Schroeder4 @BellAmber1993 Get ready for 3 😎💯 I know in my heart it will happen. #FearFam and #FearCrew are unstoppable.

Thing about mental health is depression doesn’t discriminate, it’ll attack anyone at any time and when it hits I can’t express how important it is to have support to hold your hand through it. Thank you to all who checked in on me this week. ♥️ #FearFam

#fearfam Just a thought while watching the team explore the Winchester Mystery House: maybe it wasn't the best idea to let @DakotaLaden, a known clumsy person, walk around there without a flashlight... #inclumsysolidarity

The #FearFam continues to blow pledge goals out of the water!! @ProjectFearYT will have FIVE domestic road trips and TWO international!! The next pledge goal is $500,000 to have 6 domestic #ProjectFear trips and 3 international!

Hey #FearFam Fairfield County Infirmary is having a self guided tour available on Friday April 21st for only $20 from 7pm-midnight anyone interested in going?

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