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@elonmusk This charade of extorting, embezzling money from hard working people must end. Flat rate consumption tax for all. No more income tax, property tax, school tax, etc. #FairTaxAct #consumptionTax #AbolishTheIRS…

This piece of trash put America in debt ! The republicans have no issues raising the debt ceiling if it benefits them. #FairTaxAct ! Take away the tax breaks you gave the rich!…

We need term limits. Income limits for Congress. A #FairTaxAct and so much more. You won't get that unless you #VoteBlueEveryElection…

#FairTaxAct because the way it's been going just isn't sustainable. Income caps for people in congress. It's ridiculous how much they make working less than the average American.…

Trump-aligned MAGA Inc. accuses Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of wanting to raise federal taxes, dubbing him ‘Ron DeSalesTax’ in a new ad that references his support for the Fair Tax Act during his time in Congress. #DeSantis #MAGA #FairTaxAct

@SpeakerMcCarthy read this. And read it again. Also DON'T TOUCH MY SOCIAL SECURITY! I paid for that! You are already double taxing it! How about implementing the #FairTaxAct huh? Stop screwing the working class..…

@RepThomasMassie If I'm non-compliant in paying taxes, I go to prison. Can Congress propose and pass the #FairTaxAct? #taxationistheft

Just pass the #FairTaxAct already. Stop screwing over the little guy. Tired of this! Pay your fair share & stop giving yourself raises bigger than what I make in a year! I worked 30 years for a lousy $820 a month. I didn't plan on becoming disabled. I used my 401K to pay bills…

The #estatetax is a hot topic in Washington, with lawmakers introducing bills to either hike taxes on the biggest estates or eliminate the tax entirely. View this gallery for 6 new estate tax bills in Congress now. #taxreform #FairTaxAct…

@SpeakerMcCarthy it was ok when Trump did it huh? How about reversing the tax cuts for the wealthy?That would save us a lot of money. Or how about passing the #FairTaxAct ? Talk about income we are missing here!!! 🛑 STOP making up excuses & start doing what's best for all of us!

@FairTaxOfficial #FairTaxAct tax would put MORE money in everyone’s pocket via a prebate and paying no income tax. How much you’d pay in taxes would be by personal choice. And, 45 states already have a sales tax. It works and the infrastructure is in place.

@WallStreetSilv This is why we need the #FairTaxAct so we can Abolish the IRS.

@PattyMurray Support the #FairTaxAct! Please!! It will solve ALL these problems.

@PattyMurray If you truly believe that, support #FairTaxAct. Zero loopholes! Anyone spending more than the Federal Poverty level pays ZERO taxes! The wealthy, who spend more, pays the most. @Fairtax @FairtaxAct @noloopholes

@ATurzanski @TommyPigott @POTUS Especially selling items you already paid taxes on. Double dipping. ABOLISH THE IRS. #fairtaxact

@OurRevolution The tax code is too complicated. The rich can and will take advantage of it to legally avoid taxes. Support the #FairTaxAct and eliminate Every.Single.Loophole. With a prepaid rebate on spending up to the poverty line, the poor and working poor will pay zero in taxes.

maybe when they get to 100% which at this rate will be in about 7 years, considering acceleration #FairTaxAct starts looking more reasonable now……

@ComicDaveSmith #FairTaxAct. I would love to see a politician tear apart pages from the tax code.

@POTUS It’s funny you say that and then only propose tax bills that would put a larger tax on people that make more than you and those in congress. Pass the Fair Tax Act! #FairTaxAct

@ewarren Do you practice lying to America? You could solve the tax filing problems tomorrow by supporting the #FairTaxAct. No filing - period. Prebates means poverty line and below pay zero taxes. Why don't you support that Senator Warren?

@SenTuberville @KatieBrittforAL @Robert_Aderholt How is it that the new Congress was going on and on about how they defunded the #IRS of the money and were even going to pass the #FairTaxAct but the IRS still has the money and is planning to spend it?…

@PleynJane_369 " Dollar Store Obama " Love it 🤣😂😂 Government don't want people talking about this. The biggest transfer of power from the government to the people. #Fairtaxact Still no update @GOP

Four men in our country have enough wealth that together they could pay off our countries debt. While ten million people don't have enough money to buy an adequate food supply for the month. #FairTaxAct

@POTUS will you approve of the #fairtaxact? You say taxes are unfair and people need to pay their fair share... Will you approve the Fair Tax Act or will you Veto it. #helpamericans #UnitedStates #ComeTogether

@BurroughsCaleb @Kutalooo Caleb, shut up and listen. The #Fairtaxact removes the irs, abolishes federal taxes, and enforces a 23% sales tax on NEW goods and services. Meaning, if you buy a used car, no federal tax. It also means no social security tax or anything else. No income tax. And we tax spending/1

What the #FairTaxAct of 2023 means to your business and why you should be aware- keep

Kogod professor Donald Williamson spoke to @wusa9 about the “Fair Tax” bill introduced by the Republicans in the House in January. Hear Professor Williamson's thoughts ⬇️ #Kogod #Tax #FairTaxAct #AmericanU #Expert #Business #AU

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