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Last Thursday, we launched the #ZeroMalariaBusinessLeadershipInitiative in collaboration with the @nmepgh and @speakupafrica. Through this initiative, we aim to #endmalaria in #Ghana. #EcobankGhana has committed $120,000 to this course, and we invite the private sector to join us……

Watch MMV's Chief Officer of Corporate Strategy and Affairs Andrea Lucard speak to @AlexDevex about inclusive research and development to #endmalaria#WHA76 #DevexCheckup…

ANGAMIZA MBU TOKOMEZA MALARIA Dr. Nicolaus Banzi, mtaalamu kutoka Tanzania Biotech Products Limited (TBPL), akinyunyizia viuadudu vya kuangamiza mazalia ya mbu kwenye mitaa mbalimbali ya jiji la Dodoma ikiwa ni maadhimisho ya Siku ya Usafi wa Mazingira. #endmalaria #tbpl #ndc

A dialogue with the community is essential to identify grassroot problems and address them effectively. Our health volunteers regularly mobilize and interact with the community members to identify and resolve their issues related to malaria. #MalariaMuktBharat #EndMalaria

#inspiration "I think #malaria is not just a disease we need to control, it's a disease we need to eliminate." If you agree with @aminatousar let's all keep fighting, "there's still a long way to go". @PATHMalaria @PATHadvocacy #EndMalaria #HealthForAll #Africa #Senegal…

कादरचौक सीएचसी पर आशा बहिन जी को LT द्वारा मलेरिया जांच करना सिखाया गया।और मलेरिया जानकारी दी गईं। BCPM सर द्वारा आशाओं को यूथ संगठन बनाने में सहयोग को कहा । #malariaendmalaria #endmalaria #fhindia #dengue @Archana2442 @santoshbhargav2 @sksomya @rajesh_amh

Welcome to the @unfoundation @beatmalaria team Lama Khachab! We’re fortunate to have your smarts, personality & passion for making the world a more equitable place- together we can #beatmalaria #endmalaria!…

📢 تتطلب مكافحة الملاريا تعاونًا عالميًا واستثمارات مستدامة. من خلال إعطاء الأولوية للابتكار الصحي وتوسيع نطاق الالتزامات ، يمكننا ضمان عدم عكس التقدم و #EndMalaria…

Malaria continues to claim too many lives, especially in developing countries. It's time to raise awareness and take action. Prevention is key to #EndMalaria For any signs, consult our Doctors: #WorldMalariaDay #HealthForAll #malaria #KailashHospital

@ALMA_2030 @JoyPhumaphi_ @EndMalariaKenya @MalariaYouthKE We are ready and committed to #EndMalaria Youth engagement in the fight is a game changer.

Let's take pride in celebrating the courage, commitment and dedication to eliminate Malaria from India. Join the movement: #MalariaMuktBharat #MalariaNoMore #EndMalaria #ZeroMalaria #PublicHealth

How can theatre be used to communicate with communities? #TargetMalariaBurkinaFaso 🇧🇫 @IrssF has been using theatre performances to engage with stakeholders 🤝 Find out more in the blog by Communications Officer Souleymane Kekele @Madibab⬇️… #endmalaria

An inspiring afternoon spent with the Chair of @EndMalariaKenya Chris Getonga, @ALMA_2030 Special Amb. @AIsoeOkara ,We discussed how to energize support for Malaria advocacy action and resource mobilization in Kenya. Together we can overcome challenges and #EndMalaria.

We are so grateful to all our Officers and Members for their continued support and hard work in keeping malaria and NTDs on the Parliamentary agenda - and look ahead to another challenging year as we continue the fight against these devastating diseases #BeatNTDs #EndMalaria

Mosquitos🦟 know no borders: Florida reports what seems to be the first case of locally transmitted malaria since 2003. @PMIgov supports global efforts to #EndMalaria in 27 countries to prevent the spread of the potentially deadly disease and save lives.…

Nearly 3 out of 10 children in 13 Sub-Saharan Africa countries are infected with #malaria, according to a new study published by @PLOSONE. We must reaffirm our commitment to being the generation to finally #endmalaria for good.…

❤️ retro video series @unfoundation @beatmalaria team created to highlight gamechanging innovations required to #beatmalaria #endmalaria. Check out ⬇️ re @SCJohnson spatial repellants- they provide a protective shield, work day & night & are well suited for humanitarian settings…

d. If there is a report of a feverish pregnant woman, please REFER to the health facility! #EndMalaria #FightForWhatCounts

c. Malaria may cause the blood level of a pregnant woman to reduce, and the baby could die in the womb (miscarriage or stillbirth) or be born too early (premature) or too small (low birthweight). #EndMalaria #FightForWhatCounts

b. Sleeping under an insecticide-treated mosquito net all year round will help ensure a better health outcome for both the mother and child. #EndMalaria #FightForWhatCounts

This is because if she gets malaria, it will be much more serious than when she is not pregnant. And it will also affect her baby. #EndMalaria #FightForWhatCounts

Here are some things you should know about Malaria in pregnancy. a. A pregnant woman should sleep inside an insecticide-treated mosquito net every night to prevent getting malaria from mosquito bites. #EndMalaria #FightForWhatCounts

@PMIgov empowers health workers with digital tools to #EndMalaria. In Madagascar, the CommCare app helps almost 4,000 community health workers record health data, access treatment info, and fight malaria more effectively.…

A group section of Partners and agencies that made this initiative a possibility. We thank you all greatly. #ZEROMalaria #MalariaAway #Eliminatemalaria #NMEPeliminates #EndMalaria

Official Inauguration of Zero Malaria Business Leadership Initiative by Mr Ignatus Baffuor Awuah, a rep of Hon. Dr. Kweku Agyemang Duah, Minister of Health. #ZEROMalaria #MalariaAway #Eliminatemalaria #NMEPeliminates #EndMalaria

Presentation of the Zero Malaria Business Leadership Initiative and Introduction of Malaria Fund Steering Committee members by Dr Kasser Tee. He is the Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Ecobank Ghana. #ZEROMalaria #Eliminatemalaria #NMEPeliminates #EndMalaria

.@XtalBirungi of #TargetMalariaUganda 🇺🇬 @UVRIug joined @bartlettdaron on Urban Doctor to discuss the current state of malaria in Uganda. Speaking about the measures taken to control #malaria, watch the interview here ⬇️ Together we can #endmalaria 🦟…

Join the fight against malaria! Protect, prevent and save lives. Take charge of your safety with simple measures: net doors & windows, use repellent, & avoid water storage and cover-up. Get a blood test for early detection. Together, let's create a malaria-free world. #EndMalaria

It's the opportunity of a lifetime - help India overcome malaria. Let's come together and defeat this disease! Join the movement: #MalariaMuktBharat #MalariaNoMore #EndMalaria #ZeroMalaria #PublicHealth

Join the movement! By supporting Profit For Good Companies, we become agents of change, shaping a brighter future with every purchase. #justice #charity #globalpoverty #globalhealth #abundance #prosperity #sharingeconomy #endpoverty #endmalaria #globalwarming #profitforgood

Counterfeit #malaria artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) is a threat in our work to #endmalaria. In Kinshasa, a “Green Leaf” status indicated quality & credible ACT. A bonus to the approach? It ultimately drove down prices of market options:

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