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#connecticuthistory #Presidentual Did you Know that President William Howard Taft attended the dedication of the Connecticut State Library, Hartford CT, September 7, 1911 ? This image is from the Connecticut Digital Archive…

We just finished updating our list of archives and research libraries in Connecticut. Beefed up the descriptions and added half a dozen new entries. Check it out! #VastEarlyAmerica #ConnecticutHistory #CTHistory #Twitterstorians…

@CRVChamber The Curtis House across the street from the Chamber of Commerce offices, the historic Welles-Chapman Tavern at Glastonbury Town Center. #GlastonburyCT #glastonburyhistory #connecticuthistory

Smallpox. Malaria. Dysentery. Influenza. These are only a few of the diseases that affected colonial Connecticut medically, socially, politically, and economically: #UncoveringNewHaven #connecticuthistory

"Middletown prof to share Wangunk family stories on Indigenous Peoples' Day" @CCSU Prof. Katherine Hermes #ConnecticutHistory #IndigenousPeoplesDay… via @RegisterCitizen

We had a great time yesterday in the rain and mud, hiking the Old Connecticut trail with Museum of Connecticut History Curator Patrick Smith. #oldconnecticutpath #connecticutHistory

The story of Jerry Dwyer from Manchester, CT may be of interest to the great CT history podcast, "Grating the Nutmeg"! 👀 @waltwould @CTExplored @StrongholdClimb #CThistory #ConnecticutHistory #GratingtheNutmeg…

When Micah Palmer sued Mehittabel Whitehead for slander, she did not meekly recant her words. She doubled down on them with a written statement to the Court:… #UncoveringNewHaven #connecticuthistory

#CTHistory #Civilwar #Connecticuthistory Check out the latest podcast from grating the nutmeg featuring the Connecticut State Library's own Kevin Johnson. ..See More at

Young Mary Hoadly dreamed of marriage and domestic life. But her aunt, uncle, and cousins slandered her so badly that she had to take them to court to repair her reputation: #UncoveringNewHaven #connecticuthistory

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