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Résultats du Jour 2 | Semaine 1 • @ROKKR (3) - (0) @Mutineers@BostonBreach (3) - (2) @TorontoUltra@ROKKR (3) - (1) @LAGuerrillas@LAThieves (3) - (1) @SeattleSurge Qualifications Major IV | #CDL2023

Morning Mayhem & Coffee is LIVE :D #RankedPlay grind & vibing out watching some videos before #CDL2023 matches later! Feel free to stop by! #EnduranceEsports | #CallofDuty | #MWII | #MW2 | #ModernWarfareII | #Warzone | #AshikaIsland…

Yeah I honestly don’t get how ROKKR can play on LAN all stage. Every team should. So every match should be on LAN 😅 #CDL2023 Clayster HEATED at "UNFAIR" Rokkr LAN Event, Scump Agrees?! 🌶️ via @YouTube

Up & getting a coffee. Gonna hop on stream in a bit fir some more Morning Mayhem & Coffee before #CDL2023 Matches later today! Stay tuned! #EnduranceEsports | #CallofDuty

so sad to see that u don't ever the credit for being a good player anymore. Butttt i dropped 47 😈@SeanyCod @SeattleSurge @OpTicTexas @_TeamNotorious @ATLFaZe @BostonBreach @LAGuerrillas #CallofDuty #CDL2023 #CDL @LAThieves #CallofDutyModernWarfare2

It was a beautiful day of #codpicks today, and TOMORROW SHOULD BE A BANGER! #prizepicks #CDL2023 JOIN FOR ONLY $10/month 👉🏻👈🏻

I hope everyone’s having a great Saturday night! Spend time with the ones you love. #twitch #CDL2023

.@DylanEnvoy broke the 4 map kill record with 111 previously set by @JoeDeceives in the series prior with 102. He was also 4 kills off the 5 map record of 115 set by @DashySZN earlier in the year. #CDL2023

CDL Fantasy S4W1 Saturday MN def. FLA 3-0 @Fame_mK2 117.18 @BrackCN 97.90 BOS def. TOR 3-2 @NEROPOlSON 93.70 @BeansMCM 86.13 MN def. LAG 3-1 @JoeDeceives 134.0 @AstrosInMyAfro 97.75 LAT def. SEA 3-1 @DylanEnvoy 128.73 @Pred 89.27 #PlayAsOne #IntoTheBreach #LAThieves #CDL2023

// #CDL2023 Major 4 | Week 1 | Day 2 | Breaking Point Predictions Everyone here now able to get some points on the board!

Since the beginning of Cold War, teams are 11-2 in their first match after winning a Major/Champs Ultra and LAG are the only teams to lose #CDL2023

// #CDL2023 Major 4 | Week 1 | Day 2 | Breaking Point Predictions @tdawgsmitty the only person to go perfect today in our predictions!

// #CDL2023 Major 4 | Week 1 | Day 2 | Breaking Point Predictions From going 3/3 one day to 0/4 the next - tough day at the office @vLionMan

Peak competitive CoD community in action today. Pros/community complain non stop at the inception of the CDL that matches are online and “fugaze,” then we get some LAN matches and they complain they aren’t online when every team had a chance to go. Event was amazing. #CDL2023

Disgusting behavior from players in the CDL all you guys do is bitch. @ROKKR went out of their way to host a lan. All you guys are doing is shitting on it. No one in this community is ever happy. Always got some stupid negative shit to say. #CDL2023

// #CDL2023 Major IV - Qualifying Stage - Week One Day Two ⭐️Admin Prediction Results! We all took a fat L today. Still a 3 way tie for first! 🔥Powered by @EZoneMedia

Got another shot at victory tomorrow, first matchup of the day. 🆚 @TorontoUltra 🕛 12pm PT 📺 #DrownThemOut #CDL2023

Envoy est bcp trop fort !!!!!!!! Encore un break qui donne la victoire à son équipe HP et comme en SnD, c'est Octane qui l'accompagne pour obtenir les autres kills 🔥🔥 #CDL2023 #LAThieves

@LAThieves are sound equaliser, snaking loosers they can't win without cheats. @OctaneSam @DylanEnvoy And the rest should leave cod cause they arnt good at all. #CDL2023

They're coming for it all 💰 @LAThieves bounce back from Major III with a 2-0 start in Major IV Qualifiers. #LAThieves | #CDL2023

Wait was pretty caught up with Baseball, Final four and MLS today. But the Rokkr got to play 2 matches in 1 day on lan in front of a home crowd?? That’s mega fugaze😂😂 #CDL2023

Accuracy qui clutch pour éviter le 3-0 !!! Énorme map du leader de Surge, 34/22 mais surtout un très bon dernier round pour rester dans le match #CDL2023 #DrownThemOut

Surge R11 sur Embassy c'est jamais bon, Pred (15/6) a beau essayer de carry l'équipe, ils finissent tjrs pas perdre !!! Très bonne map d'Envoy (10/6, 3 1st bloods) qui régale avec son agressivité et playmaking et qui se complémente très bien avec Octane #CDL2023 #LAThieves

My man Pred has dropped 32 kills in his last 2 S&D maps both for losses... Free Pred or get him some help #CDL2023

Down 4-1, and LAT get it done! @LAThieves take Map 2 over @SeattleSurge to go up 2-0 in the series #LAThieves | #CDL2023

Pred looks like me in ranked when I got 47-13 with a 1:30 for the L on embassy hp #pred #ranked #CDL2023 #cod

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