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#JordanCove LNG export terminal is *dead*. the #ByhaliaPipeline is dead. Mountain Valley Pipeline. You're next. #NoMVP

I want to take a moment to thank the @selc for the extraordinary work they did supporting the activists that stopped the dangerous #ByhaliaPipeline. Thank you for your great work! @MemphisCAP_org @Justinjpearson

@Think100Climate @Justinjpearson So inspiring. @Justinjpearson and the #ByhaliaPipeline coalition are a great example of local activists standing up for #environmentaljustice

So we’re here at @CityOfMemphis city council to speak on the Byhalia Pipeline, item #9, and they skipped it with no explanation or reference to it before. How can the citizens of Memphis be heard if you won’t let us speak?!? #memphis #byhaliapipeline #evnironmentaljustice

First the #ByhaliaPipeline, now the nation. Activist @Justinjpearson is committed to bringing the fight against oil pipelines from his Memphis neighborhood to the nation. This, week, he is our #ActivistSpotlight.

Memphis’ anti-pipeline coalition's concern is that a company could still use the unclear language to misrepresent its legal powers in court. #ByhaliaPipeline

The Bipartisan Scam is designed to extract more money from every American Citizen (LoL... even the Corporations) #FirstNationPeople #Indigenous #IndigenousPeoplesDay #Indigenouslands #Indigenouspeoples #stopline3 #Line5 #JordanCove #ByhaliaPipeline #DAPL #MVP #Line3

@MemphisCAP_org None of these wins are possible alone. Thank you so much for partnering with us to cancel the #ByhaliaPipeline and protect your drinking water.

LEAKED METHANE (LNG) Is responsible for almost as much warming as Co2 over last 10 yrs. Before you include the fact that burning Methane Releases 1/2 as much Co2 as Coal(included in total co2) #COP26 #stopline3 #Line5 #JordanCove #ByhaliaPipeline #DAPL #MVP #Line3 #ClimateCrisis

I could not be prouder of @chiefcarrington for his coverage of the #ByhaliaPipeline. It's his first national award but not his last! Thank you @INN, for recognizing this work and thank you, @Report4America, for sending Carrington our way! #EnvironmentalJustice 🧵…

A solid victory for the @selc_org in #Memphis worthy of their fundraising #chestthumping newsletter, but where were the local city / county officials on #ByhaliaPipeline?…

Before its cancellation, the #ByhaliaPipeline would have traversed the Davis Wellfield where MLGW pumps drinking water. This ordinance adds a Wellhead Protection Overlay District restricting what can be built in the area without special approval.

The Memphis City Council has given final approval to one of three oil pipeline-regulating ordinances before them today, stemming from the #ByhaliaPipeline fight. The council has the other two on tonight's agenda up for a final vote. Discussion on the second is happening now.

The cancellation of the #ByhaliaPipeline is reason to celebrate says @MemphisCAP_org co-founder @Justinjpearson But there's still work to be done: Changing environmental justice into policy.

Environmental racism, classism & injustice is taking place RIGHT NOW in Memphis, TN. #ByhaliaPipeline continues to threaten the predominantly-Black-city’s drinking water with a crude oil pipeline🚫 ⫸Tell @MEM_Council to #PassAllThree & PROTECT the PEOPLE!

I spoke with @Justinjpearson on Friday and he is an incredible leader doing important work. Check out our Just Conversation ( and if you live in Memphis, he needs your help👇🏿 #ByhaliaPipeline…

Ever heard of the Climate Cafe Multifaith? We're a thing! Tuesday our guest is @Justinjpearson Faith leaders, this is a great chance to talk about how we can support efforts like @MemphisCAP_org led by rising leaders in the south. #ByhaliaPipeline

Last year, the threat of the #ByhaliaPipeline inspired local activists to pursue protections for the #Memphis Sand Aquifer. On Tuesday, the @MEM_Council has the opportunity to pass those protections. Please contact the City Council! More info below.

Reflection: With the help of thousands of people across this country we STOPPED 🛑 The #ByhaliaPipeline THANK YOU ALL!…

But back to Memphis, where if you track #EnvironmentalJustice you'll have heard about the movement that took on the #ByhaliaPipeline's route atop the aquifer & thru Black communities. Those plans may be cancelled, but legislation being voted on today has eyes on the big picture

When the people of Memphis defeated the #ByhaliaPipeline, it showed how "historically powerless people can work together to interrupt a pattern of #EnvironmentalRacism." (MVP, you're next.)… #EnvironmentalJustice #NoMVP

.@MargaretRenkl on the #ByhaliaPipeline: " What happened in #Memphis this year is an example of how historically powerless people can work together to interrupt a pattern of environmental racism that has been in place for more than a century and a half."

Hey #Memphis! We need you to contact the Memphis City Council TODAY. On Tuesday, the council will vote on Ordinance 5794 to Protect the Memphis Sand Aquifer. We need it to pass. Send them a pre-written email right here: #ByhaliaPipeline #NoNewFossilFuel

Even though the #ByhaliaPipeline was abandoned, the reckless project highlighted the need for additional protection for the #Memphis Sand Aquifer. We need the Memphis City Council to pass Ordinance 5794. Take action here:

Don’t miss #TheCoolestShow @Think100Climate @HipHopCaucus @RevYearwood w/ @MemphisCAP_org @Justinjpearson and Ms. Scottie Fitzgerald of Memphis discussing the path forward after #ByhaliaPipeline and how to prevent future fossil fuel infrastructure. #leadonclimate #climatejustice…

The cancellation of the #ByhaliaPipeline is a great example of the power of organizing. Black organizers in Memphis stood up to defend their land and protect their lives. @Justinjpearson and Ms. Scottie Fitzgerald are going live a 6:00pm ET to talk more:…

The #ByhaliaPipeline was the exact type of infrastructure that is fueling our climate crisis while polluting Black communities. Tonight, we take a deep dive into the victory and the path forward with @Justinjpearson and Ms. Scottie Fitzgerald at 6:00pm ET.…

While we celebrate this hard-fought victory of the cancellation of the #ByhaliaPipeline, there is still more work to be done. Join our watch party tonight with @Justinjpearson and Ms. Scottie Fitzgerald at 6:00pm ET to learn more about next steps.…

We're hosting a watch party to dive into the #ByhaliaPipeline victory and next steps with @Justinjpearson and Ms. Scottie Fitzgerald. Follow @HipHopCaucus and tune in tomorrow (8/6) at 6pm ET.…

“The Memphis City Council passed an ordinance to protect the Memphis Sand Aquifer after environmental activists spent nearly a year fighting to protect it against a crude-oil pipeline.” @TNLookout #PoorPeoplesCampaign #ByhaliaPipeline #ForwardTogether…

On Tuesday, the Memphis City Council passed an ordinance to protect the Memphis Sand Aquifer, @Dulcet24 reports. The move came after a year of controversy surrounding a proposed pipeline. #ByhaliaPipeline…

#DYK: From expert testimony against "Big Oil" to serving as a coalition partner to stop the #ByhaliaPipeline in #Memphis our team has been putting in the work! 💪 Join Us --

POA had some REAL TALK with Chip Washington on @WYXR_Memphis about #ByhaliaPipeline 🎙️ Is Plains All American dropping ALL prospects of a crude oil pipeline? 'Cause they were lobbying pretty hard against the Pipeline Ordinance. Listen to the episode:…

@yessfun @AtmosMag This!💯—>@MLK50Memphis is one of our favorites! Extensive coverage of Memphis’s ongoing EJ mvmt—notably, the community’s successful resistance against #ByhaliaPipeline—led by @MemphisCAP_org +@ProtectAquifer Also we❤️ @EJinAction +@FireDrillFriday! @RevDrBarber @ClimateReality

“The companies blamed the coronavirus pandemic in an SEC filing, but the pipeline, described as a "reckless, racist rip-off" by former Vice President Al Gore had been fiercely opposed by a broad coalition. ” #ByhaliaPipeline

Grassroots groups stopped the dangerous #ByhaliaPipeline, now it’s up to the #Memphis City Council to stop future reckless pipeline projects that can threaten Memphians’ drinking water. Tell them to take action now by passing Ordinance 5794.

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