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#Browns I see a lot of dislike for Browns fans that are rooting for the Bengals. It’s their choice 🤷🏽‍♂️ life is about choices. I personally only root for Cleveland based teams & Ohio State! IDGAF who wins today. Enjoy your Sunday!

So I’m listening back to an old podcast from 2019 and we were hampering on the fact that the #Browns interior defensive line needed talent 4 years later and nothing has changed 😂

If anyone tweets a #Browns mock draft with any more damn Oklahoma or LSU guys it’s an immediate unfollow 😂

When my team isn't playing I tend to root for my fav players & coaches. Joey Burrow, Travis Kelce, Kyle Shanahan, Christian McCaffery, Jalen Hurts, Andy Reid #NFLPlayoffs #Browns

Traded back from 42 to 55 and picked up an extra 3 and 6 in this mock #Browns #NFLDraft

Need I remind Browns fans that two of the four franchises in the AFC North only exist because of the Browns?? And one voted YES to move the Browns and create the other. GO CHIEFS #Browns #ChiefsKingdom

2022 #Browns averages per snap: QB 1.00 RB 1.02 WR 2.47 TE 1.38 OL 5.13 ED 2.14 DT 1.86 LB 2.23 CB 2.50 S 2.27 Top 5 Bitonio 100% Delpit 99.7% Johnson 96.9% Wills 98.3% DPJ 89.9% Source - @pfref

@KenCarman Add #browns absence from the playoffs as part of this theory!

@EveryRightTo Y’all got this one. I actually need y’all to win #Browns fan here

Potential #Browns FA targets to watch in the conference championships today…

If you think this is impressive, you should see him as a pass rusher. 👀 #Browns

ICYMI, Zone Coverage: Episode 128. My latest #Browns  podcast with @DaveChudowsky. We talk Joe Thomas and Hall of Fame, some more Jim Schwartz and NFL playoffs.…

@terrypluto Joe Burrow personally raised the relevance of the Bengals. Obviously, football is a team sport & the WR’s, RB’s and O-line all had a lot to do with it. And a stout D. But Burrow is the straw that stirs the drink as much as any QB on any team in the NFL at this time. #Browns

What say you #Browns fans and #BrownsTwitter, are you rooting for the #Bengals today? I’m personally going no, I don’t care where they’re from, you don’t root for a divisional rival in football, ever…

This has been a point of contention amongst #Browns fans & #BrownsTwitter over the last week, with Cincinnati back in the #AFCChampionship game today, are you rooting for the #Bengals to beat the #Chiefs today?

Should the Browns draft Mazi Smith or Siaki Ika in second round? #BrownsReddit #BrownsFans #BrownsOpinion #Browns #BrownsFan #Believeland #TheLand…

5 Offensive gems Cleveland Browns should target in 2023 NFL Draft #BrownsReddit #BrownsFans #BrownsOpinion #Browns #BrownsFan #Believeland #TheLand…

January 29, 1975: Here Come The Judge🏈 "With the 290th pk in the 12th Rnd of the #NFLDraft Cleveland #Browns select... Dick Ambrose, LB, Virginia". 9 yrs w/ CLE before becoming Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge #BamBam #PigmeatMarkham

Yes I'm rooting for the Bengals.... The #Browns suck and have played in 3 playoff games in the 30+ years of my working memory. Also screw the chiefs..... Higgens had the yardage, helmet to helmet, ball rolls out of bounds so hey...Chiefs Ball 20 yards away??

Rather see the Chiefs in the Super Bowl , bengals go back to the super bowl… the media is going to be on the bengals 🍆 all summer. Us #Browns fans don’t wana hear that shit.

Doing a poll to prove a point for @expert_things. Calling all #RuleTheJungle fans. And you can be honest without being ugly on this post, but how many of you Bengals fans would root for the #Browns in the playoffs if the roles were reversed?

Heading into this championship Sunday as every red-blooded #Browns fan should: rooting for all my bets to cash, regardless of any bigger picture narratives

@SportsBoyTony who Owns the Bengals or has the Better win Ratio in the last couple years with their current Roster.. The #BROWNS Why is no one making this point for a Reason to root for them! Seeing them WIN is like knowing we can go through CIN to get the SUPER BOWL

Happy Eagles/Bengals day (just what my gut is telling me) #Browns will have their time next year!!

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