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As the brutal war in Ukraine escalates, Ukrainian families urgently need refuge. Thousands of Ukrainian families registered on the #WelcomeConnect platform, hoping to connect with American sponsors. Join us at @welcomeus to be #BeAWelcomer 💙💛

Seeking safety is a human right. Refugees & asylum seekers deserve to be seen as human. To be treated with dignity. Let’s show love & support for refugees & asylum seekers. #Hearts4Refugees ❤️ #RefugeesWelcome #BeAWelcomer #AllAreWelcome #TogetherWithRefugees

103 million people are displaced from their homes. That’s 1 in every 77 humans on the planet. Every human being deserves to be treated with love & compassion. Join us in showing your support with #Hearts4Refugees! ❤️ #RefugeesWelcome #BeAWelcomer #AllAreWelcome #HumanRights

Join us in sharing messages of welcome this #ValentinesDay using #Hearts4Refugees ❤️ This campaign by @CVTorg began in 2017 to share compassion for #refugees & #asylum seekers in MN & globally! 🌍 #refugeesWelcome #BeAWelcomer #AllAreWelcome #HumanRights #StandUp4HumanRights

We all have experienced acts of welcome. I shared one of mine today with pride, dignity, & ultimately to inspire others to #BeAWelcomer 🤍❤️💙 Learn more @welcomeus…

Early morning load up. Thanks to @welcomeus @HP, today @Afghan_American and its NorCal partners @the5ivepillars will be helping bridge the tech gap for hundreds of newly arrived Afghans in rural Turlock, CA, where @RESCUEorg is hosting a vaccine clinic. #BeAWelcomer #teamwork

We're honored to be a part of work that goes beyond us and beyond borders! Showing off some past client work for @welcomeus — going BOLD with text, color, and imagery to get the #BeAWelcomer message out.

Welcome Corps has launched! Joined the 15,000 Americans that have already signed up to learn more at ! Change a life, including your own. #BeAWelcomer today.…

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, more families are being displaced by the day. Volunteer to become a bridge to safety for a Ukrainian family looking for refuge in the United States. #BeAWelcomer @NickKristof| #HolidayImpactPrize

The US government said it will welcome more Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans to the US – but only if they can find sponsors. Give a family the chance at a new life. #BeAWelcomer today. @NickKristof | #HolidayImpactPrize | @welcomeus 🔗:

Thank you, Elana Broitman, Senior VP of Public Affairs at Jewish Federation who said, “The Welcome Corps Initiative will help Jewish communities expand their participation in refugee resettlement.” We are here to help! #beawelcomer…

We are proud to partner with @HaitianBridge on this critical work. Haitian families and children are fleeing danger, and you can offer refuge and a new start to those who need it. Join the mission to welcome newcomers. #BeAWelcomer Learn more -> Welcome.US/USCIS-sponsors……

Through new humanitarian sponsorship programs, vulnerable newcomers can now find safety in the U.S. with the support of a sponsor. Become a sponsor and offer families forced to flee their homes a pathway to safety. Get started today. Visit #BeAWelcomer

An incredible and much needed pathway to sponsorship for so many seeking safety and refuge here in the United States. We are a nation of Welcomers. #BeAWelcomer & join us @welcomeus 👉🏻……

Opinion: We sponsored refugees under a new Biden program. The results were astonishing.… You can learn more about sponsoring Ukrainian or Venezuelan refugees through @welcomeus #BeaWelcomer #RefugeesWelcome #WeWelcome

#Rotary clubs and members in the U.S. can now sponsor a person or a family that has fled the war and help them relocate to the United States. I encourage you to #BeAWelcomer. Learn more:

We're collaborating with @welcomeus, and you can #BeAWelcomer 🤗 #Rotary clubs and members in the U.S. can now sponsor a person or a family that has fled the war and help them relocate to the United States. Learn more:

This past year has shown what can happen when we invite communities across the country to support newcomers. Join us and #BeAWelcomer -> visit Welcome.US

We continue to envision an America that gives people in need of refuge access to safety, security, and a chance to achieve their human potential. May your 2023 be filled with many welcoming moments. -Welcome.US Team & friends from Colorado Refugee Speakers Bureau #BeAWelcomer

There are currently over 7,000 Ukrainians displaced and looking for a U.S.-based sponsor. Volunteer with @welcomeus, a @NickKristof #HolidayImpactPrize awardee, to become a bridge to safety for a family seeking refuge in the United States. #BeAWelcomer

Ukrainians and Venezuelans are seeking a pathway to the U.S. to escape violence and persecution in their homelands. Sponsorship provides a vital bridge to safety for these families. Visit Welcome.US and learn about sponsorship. #BeAWelcomer

To everyone enjoying their first holiday season in the US- welcome and happy New Year! #BeAWelcomer…

Sponsorship has a profound and transformative impact on the lives of both the sponsor and the newcomer. Learn how you can get involved by visiting today. #BeAWelcomer

We hope the @KristofImpact Holiday Impact Prize inspires many more Americans to become sponsors. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine means thousands of displaced families are seeking safety. #HolidayImpactPrize #BeAWelcomer

But you can help here at home – be the bridge to safety for Ukrainians. Register to sponsor: #BeAWelcomer

Sponsorship is the ultimate neighborly act. Sponsors provide day-to-day support to ensure newcomers feel welcome in their new communities and have the information and tools they need to start a new life in the United States. #BeAWelcomer

Join the national effort to welcome newcomers to the United States! ❤💙 Send your message of support and learn other ways you can #BeAWelcomer by visiting Welcome.US/message #RefugeesWelcome #WithRefugees #WelcomeWednesday #WeAreWelcomers #1Journey @welcomeus

So on this first #WelcomeWednesday, choose an act of welcome and make a powerful difference for newcomers. Send a message of welcome, donate essential supplies, download a Be A Welcomer window sign and help spread the word. #BeAWelcomer ⤵️

With help from you and your community, families who have had to flee for their lives can finally find what they deserve - the security and warm comfort of a safe and welcoming home. #BeAWelcomer visit Welcome.US to get started today. #RefugeesWelcome @welcomeus

Sponsor a refugee family with @welcomeus, who offers life-changing services connecting thousands of displaced families with support to rebuild their lives. #BeAWelcomer and provide a lifeline with the #HolidayImpactPrize today!

Be the bridge to safety for Ukrainians. Register to sponsor. - #BeAWelcomer 2/2

Newcomer job seekers, employers, and hiring fair volunteers - please join us! #BeAWelcomer Register today at 👉

If you haven’t yet seen @WelcomingUSA and @WelcomingIntl’s new guide for local leaders to prepare equitable and welcoming environments in response to humanitarian relief, it’s worth a read! #BeAWelcomer…

As the war continues, support for Ukrainians seeking refuge in the U.S. is as important as it’s ever been. Sponsoring newcomers is the best way to ensure that they are able to thrive in this country. Learn how you can #BeAWelcomer ⤵️

We’ll support you on your sponsorship journey every step of the way with training, tools, and resources. Are you interested in sponsoring a Ukrainian and being a bridge to safety for them in the United States? Visit 🔗 🫶 #BeAWelcomer

This whole-of-society response to welcome is revolutionizing resettlement, and it has only just begun. To learn more, visit Welcome.US and find out how you can #BeAWelcomer

To find more on how to share in the joy of helping newly arrived individuals and families thrive in their communities, visit Welcome.US #BeAWelcomer

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