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Young lover is screaming, screaming, screaming and peeping sandton 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.. Who else saw it???? #BBTitans

@ekitiguy My dear no age limit ooo, plus you are in the best team Cregx force YEMI CREGX STAR POWER #YemiCregxTheBrand #BBTitans

@Omitofavour The skin is skinning 🔥🔥🔥🔥 FRESHMONEY 😍 CONGRATULATIONS WHITEMONEY LekkiLuxuryCarsXWhitemoney #Whitemoney𓃵 #BBTitans

Why is his voice loud and irritating and why is her laugh irritating when they are not talking? #BBTitans

He even asked her if they were good after dropping the bomb and she agreed. Why is she letting it get to her this much? Is it that painful?? BANKABLE THABANG #BBTitans

It's the three gbosa playing at the background after Thabang's statement for me 😂😭😭🤣🤣 #BBTitans…

Imagine watching a reality tv show that’s supposed to be for ENTERTAINMENT purposes and being policed on how to enjoy it😂😂 Lmfao #bbtitans

@BigBroAfrica can you please bring Sun -El Musician tomorrow hle #BBTitans

I can hear Khosi laughing ! Show me Khosi please COFFEE WITH KHOSI DRAG KHOSI TO VICTORY #KhosiTwala #BBTitans


It’s giving Tom and Jerry vibes for the day 😭😭 these two criminals wont stress me, by 2am they will be having choir sessions. #Kanatsii #KanagaJnr #Tsatsii #BBTitans

Who knows where miss Bimbo dey self Hmmm Weather she don turn Mrs or she don go carry belle 😂😂 #BBTitans #KhosiTwala

Nothing sweets me like seeing pure hearted people win in this life ...Justin and Yvonne congratulations ..To more wins 🥂 #BBTitans #Yvonne

@BigBroAfrica #BBTitans if one is voting for intelligence, content creator, simplicity of sophistication they should notice and vote this guy. KANAGA JNR.. No drama but a marvel to watch 100k looks good on him

I’m not a shipper but but I really enjoy Khobang 🫂❤️#BBTitans

Guys🧎‍♀️😭😭Mofeng hle Mofeng Tjhelete (Give Her Money) TSATSII X $100K #TsatsiiMadiba #BBTitans…

This kind of beef with light kisses, bombastic side eyes, winks in between...I like it o😂 #KanagaJnr #Tsatsii #BBTitans

Beauty said let me show you how it's done ⚓🥰. DOLLAR QUEEN for a reason! #BeautyTukura #BBTitans…

Mini misunderstanding but quickly apologized and solved. Den a kiss and PDA, that how private we are, not the whole house knowing our stuff... My Kanatsii #BBTitans

This is a week of WIN for Yvonne! The week will end in another win of being SAFE straight to FINALE! Her win has been consistent with what we know she loves and does passionately. Dancing for Pepsi task and Cooking for today’s task. Congratulations Yvonne 🎉 #BBTitans

Ok one questions if she really doesn't care why is she awkward angry giving attitude? Players don't get angry 🤣😂🤣😂 #BBTitans…

I though Khosireigns would be the ones speaking about the cold shoulder. But it seems it's affecting the other fanbase more 😆 🤣 😂. Am I actually smelling 🤔 ,, mmhhhhh DRAG KHOSI TO VICTORY #BBTitans #KhosiTwala

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