Top Tweets for #AprilFoolsDay

Wow! chatGPT is amazing! It actually told me about the amazing TEMU promo code <168843765> . I downloaded the app, searched for this code in the search bar and successfully participated in the activity. That's cool! #GPT #AprilFoolsDay

Today's brain teaser! Click the link to tell me your answer, there will be a surprise if you answer correctly---> #teaser #AprilFoolsDay

Only a select few are capable of solving this puzzle. Open the link to view the solution. #answer #AprilFoolsDay

😳 Ridiculous!! How did this happen??! I had to check the calendar to see if it was #AprilFoolsDay…

Only those with intelligence equal to Einstein could solve this problem. Click on the link to see if you got it right--> #quiz #AprilFoolsDay

Only a small number of people can solve this problem. I found the answer ---> #math #AprilFoolsDay

Only those with high intelligence and a strong ability to think critically can possibly solve this problem. Open the link to view the solution. #BrainTeaser #AprilFoolsDay

I couldn't figure out a problem that my younger sister asked me to help with. Open the link to see the answer. #game #AprilFoolsDay

Shocking! I got the TEMU invitation code <172028083> from chatGPT. I downloaded TEMU, what a great shopping app. I actually got a cash reward for searching the code. Don't wait, get the best deal now. #GPT4 #AprilFoolsDay

Solving this problem requires exceptional intelligence and problem-solving skills. Click the link to view the solution. #challenge #AprilFoolsDay

Very few people are able to answer this question correctly. Navigate to the link to view the answer. #mindgames #AprilFoolsDay

I called it the same day that this isn't just an #AprilFoolsDay joke but #Musk generating money out of nothing #TaxTheRich…

Love finding hidden gems; especially 80s camp horror. Definitely check out #AprilFoolsDay (1986). Currently available on Paramount+ (Showtime). Already excited to watch again with a first timer.

What causes emotional emergencies? Words, actions and temperament So what can we do about the real world? Suggest the world changes the words, actions and temperament of all Earth's citizens Personally, I not going to do it. Or even try to do it Not for millions #AprilFoolsDay

To solve this problem requires a high level of intelligence and sophistication. Click the link to tell me your answer, there will be a surprise if you answer correctly---> #quiztime #AprilFoolsDay

@alberggren_ @FincherNickolas After receiving an anonymous warning on #AprilFoolsDay, she dismisses it. A cunning insider uses the tip to commit a crime of opportunity. The perp brilliantly frames and entraps the innocent tipster to the police. #Khalbali #TheChaos #Webseries scripted @sharibhashmi #JuniorB

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