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"I immediately felt at home in Cape Town. The volunteers I lived with went from strangers to family. The adventures we had, the experiences we shared will truly last a lifetime 💙" 📸 Kirsten 🌐 #IVHQ #volunteer #volunteering #travel #africa #southafrica

@GSoyra @IntlCrimCourt @amnesty @hrw @UNHumanRights @UN_HRC @AP @SecBlinken @Europarl_DE @EmmanuelMacron #NoMore creating conflicts in #Africa #NoMore regime change policies on #Africa in the name of #HumanRight. The world saw and understood your way motivation on the sovereignty country so enough is enough

#Africa The attack targeted a #Nigerian army checkpoint near the town of Kauri in the Borno region, with various weapons

@martinplaut TPLF sparked vast & devastating war of aggression against the peace loving people of #Ethiopia #Eritrea &wider horn of #Africa in 2020 believing US & EU will prop it back to power. After colossal defeat, it now wants to play a game of victimhood & cling-on to power #GameoOver

#Africa An attack with machine guns targeted the village of Mushaki al-Nasr Aniya in the Masisi region, wounding at least two members. #Congo

@DailyMonitor Please don't ignore the chief thief who set them up. He doesn't want to be the only total single thief in the region of East #Africa and particularly #Uganda. Museveni doesn't work with people who aren't stained with his sh***t. Whoever collaborates with him has to be exposed

Let us help you bring that responsive site you have always wanted!! We are Creér Africa and we love helping brands to be seen and heard. #creer #africa #help #website #creative

@allimadi @KagutaMuseveni @IntlCrimCourt There's no leader in #Africa that has murdered the people of the region of East #Africa and particularly #Uganda like Museveni. He started it in the 80s and upto now carrying out a silent genocide but they applaud him that he fights HIV aids! Its very heartbreaking #Kunga

@allimadi @KagutaMuseveni @IntlCrimCourt I really don't believe that those people can hold him accountable. In East #africa we believe that Museveni n Kagame are agents of the western world in oppression and exploitation of the indigenous communities where they have higher interests, otherwise it wld hv bn done already

#Music #Marseille 😂😭 On marche avec des 9 millimètres Trafics d'armes plus vite que le périphérique #Kodo #putain #Comores #Africa Qui a donné a le go ? Qui a trahit ? Représailles qui mitraille ? Comme Redouane Faïd

Avoid this shitcoin at all costs.. there are ways for decentralized identification, not this stupid shit where they steal yr bio data. #Africa #Africangirl #crypto #zion…

Greg Bakunzi grew up in a refugee camp having fled the extreme violence of the #Rwanda genocide. Now he is a renowned #CommunityBasedTourism pioneer in #Africa, & founder of "#GoodTourism" Partners @RedRocksRwanda & @RocksInitiative #tourism #travel…

@HumansNoContext First class!? Why are you lying 🙃,old one. TGV - Alboraq 320KM/h - Morocco 🇲🇦 Fastest trains of #Africa and one of the fastest world widely

🙏May our leaders of #Africa have the strength,wisdom and the understanding of what is come. As we and our resources were sold into slavery by our brothers,kings and tribesmen this time may they remember and act for the betterment our people,countries and continent. #Africa

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