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🚪FORBIDDEN DOOR! 🚪6/25- Toronto @ScotiabankArena #AEW and #njpw join forces to present Forbidden Door LIVE on PPV! 🎟️Tickets on sale NOW!… #AEWxNJPW #njpw

@JDisLA310 but nobody started wrestling with Saturdays until #AEW   came a long.

This dumbbish here described himself 🤦🏻‍♂️ Although i think he's 40something. Maybe he meant to type 40. #WWE #NJPW #AEW…

@69MeJon @TonyKhan 😂 @TonyKhan needs his own #AEW shirts 😂 "Thanks Guys" and "I have a Major Announcement"

❌ Andrade El Ídolo rechazó un segmento en #AEWDynamite ‼️Nueva "polémica" del luchador mexicano en #AEW…

Could we get a Switchblade Jay White against David Finlay at Forbidden Door?👀 #Aew #ForbiddenDoor

colonelstutters is live and in color! join us for wrestling sports and so much more at #wrestling #wwe #aew #wwe2k

Pickle anyone? Let’s munch like a champion! @The_MJF @AEW #aew

Catch an all new #AEWDynamite tomorrow night on @TBSNetwork . After you do your cardio, of course. 💪🏼 #AEW

@ItsBeShep #AEW  #AEWForbiddenDoor No story? No characters? One character literally did a video promo of why he wants to face the other character. A challenge was made and the other character accepted. That’s literally the beginning of this story. You seriously tweeted this?…

Jim Ross wants #AEW to use Wardlow & Powerhouse Hobbs more consistently: "Probably Powerhouse Hobbs. I'd like to see more, consistently, more of him and Wardlow. Two guys I have my eyes on. We have a lot of guys who are really close to breaking through to the next level, which

ロープに上がった瞬間の観客席に届いた圧力に加えて、微かな哀愁も感じさせたこの表情。あぁ、これがスーパースターだって思った。 2023.6.4 大阪城ホール #JonMoxley #njpw #njDOMINION #AEW

Matt Hardy on CM Punk’s #AEW return: "CM Punk, he is a huge star, so him coming back is a big deal. It’s just gonna be really interesting to see what kind of reaction he gets. I know when the Young Bucks were in Chicago, they were getting booed out of the

'wHeRe'ss ThE ssToRyy?!' - #WWE diehards when Kazuchika Okada vs Bryan Danielson is taking place at Forbidden Door. Bitch, they are the greatest wrestlers to step in the squared circle. East vs West. THAT'S THE STORY, YOU IGNORANT CASUAL. #aew    #njpw #ForbiddenDoor

So happy to have sorted my solo mission to wembley! Hotel and train. Done. Is it time yet? ....#aew

match in @njpwglobal is definitely a moment to remember for me. Swinging Okada, somebody I’ve known for a long time, in Japan, in my first match in NJPW, that is definitely a top swing. Mox said it yesterday—we have our visas and we’ll be back." #AEW […]

Yo @TonyKhan - if you need help selling tickets for #AEW Collision…may I suggest a shoot fight between @Ryback and @BookerT5x

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