Is college the right choice for everyone? On this episode of “Make Me Care About,” @JenHatmaker and Jose Cruz Rivera, President of @NAU, discuss college and share how we can create a better learning environment for all.

@gatesfoundation @BillGates @JenHatmaker @NAU I think this is a good episode. Trying to help students approach and reach the end of the finish line. But to me personally I like to see the reason why the outcomes are what they are.

@gatesfoundation @JenHatmaker @NAU Some colleging, working, earning, familying ought tobe the life span. Working is learning too. Colleging for research span is noneconomical curbing the life span. Good initiative.

@gatesfoundation @BillGates @JenHatmaker @NAU I'm dyslexic I was never allowed to go to college. But I did become a RE lawyer in the state of Florida through tech school. Bill Gates taught me a new language. I like to refer to myself as a neurodivergent thinker. There should be no bully names because people think different.

Bill Gates was spotted at the Berkshire Hathaway meeting 30 minutes prior to the arrest of the NLPC Chairman who basically denounced him as a pedophile!