Not #TheKardashians intro serving Reinaissance visuals before Beyoncé like the budget is DEEP

I want a 2 hour special on the meeting that cleared this song

@Pkardashhh E! would simply burn to the ground if they whistled two seconds off Heated

@felipemnzp Y’all realize Beyoncé had to clear this! 😂🤣

@felipemnzp @beyonceparkwood “Disney card never declines, my gawd”

@felipemnzp @KimKardashian You knew who Kanye was before marriage! We need to stop acting as if it’s ok to approach marriage as a business deal to elevate yourself and then decide to divorce when you can’t take it anymore. It’s setting the wrong idea for kids these days

@Garne8 @felipemnzp @KimKardashian that’s literally what legal marriage is lol. a business agreement.

@felipemnzp @KimKardashian You know there was a big cheque when they had Beyoncé to clear this song😂😭