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TARGET TAKES AIM: The retail giant provides annual donations to GLSEN, which calls for gender ideology to be integrated into all classes, even math.

@elonmusk @Target Oh come on, this is Fox News. You question CNN, MSNBC, but not Fox News? Don't you think that this is hypocritical?

@elonmusk @davidmweissman @Target But David’s point holds…why question CNN and not Fox?

@elonmusk @davidmweissman @Target Elon knows how media works with accounts that have massive global reach. Once it’s out there, you’ve established it. Regardless if it’s not true, or phrased as a question. But hey, if I paid 40 billion on a social media company that loses money, Id prob push an agenda too.

@elonmusk @davidmweissman @Target But why only ask the question when it helps right-wingers?

@elonmusk @davidmweissman @Target Yeah, but you’d think a genius like yourself could do a minute amount of research

@dani_elle831 @elonmusk @davidmweissman @Target They do partner with them , what is not correct is to ask Target if that organization does that instead of asking that organization directly