ADRENOCHROMING OUR CHILDREN: Millions of innocent children are trafficked every year for sex slavery, rape, torture and Adrenochrome. Elite Pedophile bloodlines who rule our world control the child sex trafficking rings worldwide. Many famous people are involved in this evil.……

@elonmusk Allah created Us. We weren’t bugs. May God guide you ❤️

@elonmusk We need more than prayers, we need justice for these millions of innocent children. We need actions and executions to stop these atrocities. This is what they are doing to millions of innocent children. Watch all three videos in this thread to understand the true untold horror.…

@elonmusk This tweet of @getkoinx is sent through Starlink btw

@elonmusk "We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." - Native American proverb

@OPhommachanh @elonmusk What saves a person is to take one step after another, for all the steps are the same, but you must take them

@halalhomer_ @elonmusk I got a honest question here about Islam. If I kill myself I. The name of mr allah man… do get 40ish virgins and why they gotta be virgins?