Gov. DeSantis raises $8.2 million in first 24 hours after launching presidential campaign.…

Lot of noise about @RonDeSantis announcing & discussing his Presidential bid on this platform. But you what isn’t noise? Setting an all-time record for fundraising! Worth considering for announcements in general.…

@elonmusk @RonDeSantis Are you going to do the same for the opponents?

@loic @RonDeSantis I have made the invitation several times, including in the DeSantis Spaces itself!

@elonmusk @loic @RonDeSantis DeSantis is a great governor. Trump endorsed him and got him elected basically. @RonDeSantis should drop out and do the same. This is a time to come together before our world and reality is destroyed. 🙏🙏🙏🦅

@elonmusk @loic @RonDeSantis It's possible no other candidate trusts you since you already made a statement preferential to DeSantis.

@elonmusk @loic @RonDeSantis The big question is what rules would you set up if you ran a presidential debate on spaces?

@EmphasizeTruth @elonmusk @loic @RonDeSantis It’s not about trusting Elon it’s about having the courage to let their voice be heard unedited and unfiltered. I don’t think a lot of them would have the balls tbh.

@elonmusk @loic @RonDeSantis I hope the other candidates take you up on this amazing opportunity. 💕💕

@elonmusk @loic @RonDeSantis Yes. And Elon handled his part really well staying neutral. Elon should moderate a debate on TW Space🗣