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Another step closer to Mars — the first flight test of a fully integrated Starship and Super Heavy rocket

That right there is the first iteration of a ship that will bring humans to Mars.…

@rookisaacman Starship is the first rocket/spaceship with the potential to make life multiplanetary

@elonmusk Starship is a special rocket that could take people to other planets. It could help us explore space and make living in space possible.

@elonmusk @rookisaacman Multi planetary, yeah that’s kinda cool. But interstellar— that’s the real barrier

@johnkrausphotos @elonmusk @rookisaacman It already did work. One minor glitch in the disengagement sequence, plus a few rockets out on the heavy booster and a melting launchpad.

@elonmusk @rookisaacman Multiplanetary life will only be possible when other planets have the same atmosphere as Earth. Until then we need to focus on our innocent children on this planet who are being sold into child sex trafficking, rape and torture by the millions.…

@elonmusk @rookisaacman That isn't helpful as most people would prefer to live on one planet at a time. There would be little advantage to living on two planets at the same time except maybe some obscure tax loophole.

@elonmuskewl @elonmusk @rookisaacman I think,,, Elon would be on Mars before this date!!!!! may be by 2025-2026 🤔