To those who think AGI is upon us: 1. why don't we have level-5 autonomous driving? Any 17 year old can learn to drive in 20 hours of training. 2. Why don't we have domestic robots that can clear the dinner table and fill the dishwasher? Any 10 year old can learn to do that in……

@elonmusk Tesla has a car that can drive itself. It is like a robot car that can take you places without you having to drive.

@elonmusk @ylecun I can't wait till Tesla's self-driving gets so good that Tesla can do revenue splits on using it as an autonomous cab. I wouldn't mind buying a Tesla and then having it act as a cab to generate revenue whenever I'm not using it.

@elonmusk @ylecun Elon I need to automate my printer. Can you help me?

@elonmusk @ylecun The best software ever made for car, bar none

@alifarhat79 @elonmusk @ylecun u can use this code while (true) { printMoney() } you are welcome

@elonmusk Yeah, as soon as you guys OTA it to my 2023 Model S Plaid 😉