The newest @Tesla Full Self-Driving (Beta) update v11.4.2 is now going out to employees across North America!

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 11.4.2 is now rolling out to Tesla employees…

@elonmusk This means that it is the best time to share something with a lot of people.

@elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog How soon should we expect reverse summon and actually smart summon?

@elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog Tesla is going to be extremely disruptive in the coming years. Tesla's recent partnership with @jimfarley98 of Ford is only going to accelerate EV adoption. 👏👏👏

@elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog Good news. Can’t wait for this build. Lots of fixes i’ve been waiting for. 👍🏻

@elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog This weekend if it looks good, or one more week?

@elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog And the North American FSD trial to follow shortly after?