“Very bizarre”: DESANTIS reacts to Trump saying “Cuomo did better” dealing with COVID than him. “If he thinks Cuomo handled it better, that’s an indication if something like this were to happen again, he would double down and do what he did in 2020.”

Yikes. Truly bizarre. Do any Trump supporters on my feed agree with Trump on this, or is it obvious to all of us that this is a “lying bully” aspect of his personality? He is flailing and lashing out, as Gov DeSantis just broke the fundraising record for hard money in 24 hrs. twitter.com/DeSantisWarRoo…

@JTLonsdale The attacks against DeSantis are not landing

@elonmusk Some people are trying to make the governor of Florida look bad, but it's not working.

@elonmusk @JTLonsdale Down 40 with zero momentum. You overpaid for Twitter by double, and now you're stumping for a meatball candidate who is down 40. You're the Jim Cramer of politics.

@elonmusk @JTLonsdale Yes. Yes, they are. He's so far down in all the polls that he has no chance. #Trump2024TheOnlyChoice

@elonmusk @JTLonsdale As much as I disagree with DeSantis on major policy stances, there is no doubt that the negative media attention surrounding his Twitter Space helped him break records in terms of fundraising. It's like a warped Streisand Effect.

@SocialismSucs @elonmusk @JTLonsdale The people that made this meme are so talented.

@PapiTrumpo @elonmusk Replying to @ PapiTrumpo and @ elonmusk. 😂😂😂😂

@krassenstein @elonmusk @JTLonsdale Happened with Trump as well. Media was too horrified/fascinated to ever stop talking about him