Only @elonmusk fan boys buy @Tesla cars. Kind of cool Tesla is adding ~half a million more fan boys each quarter.

@MatthewDR @Tesla Maybe they’re right, but I just have a lot of frens … 🤷‍♂️

@elonmusk Some people might think that having a lot of friends is not a good thing, but it can be really fun to have a lot of friends.

@elonmusk @MatthewDR @Tesla I test drove my first Y. Wow, what a drive, felt incredibly safe !

@elonmusk @Tesla If you subscribe to me you’ll be my only billionaire subscriber!

@ExplainThisBob @elonmusk A wise strategist knows when to heed the counsel of many or trust the judgement of one. Choose wisely.

@elonmusk @MatthewDR @Tesla Tesla will be the discount car maker in a few years.

@Fatsoface @elonmusk @Tesla What you trolls do not realize, is that that is the goal.