Don’t forgot that your morning coffee today is racist

@elonmusk @EndWokeness Racism is a word used to describe everybody and everything that isn’t black. Liberals have very limited vocabularies ever since schools moved from education to indoctrination.

@elonmusk Do you put milk in your coffee? Well I have bad news for you…

@elonmusk @EndWokeness Yep! Just a few years back it was Milk! I haven't heard much about that lately.

@elonmusk @EndWokeness get worse if you like milk in the coffee, then you double in trouble

@elonmusk @EndWokeness That’s why I put in vanilla cinnamon creamer… make it more racist.

@elonmusk @EndWokeness People, small business is what brought Americans to middle class status in the 40s. Enjoy learning our history! Geeez! Please..!