Hey @McDonalds Just a reminder that @elonmusk will eat a happy meal on TV, if you guys accept Dogecoin.

@elonmusk @cb_doge @McDonalds I remember having seen in an art magazine that a woman photograph had one day noticed the Mc Donald's food never go molded so maybe during one year or more she had pictured an happy meal not eaten, it's still look thé same After four months from i've Seen 😅😱

@ManuelleYerly @elonmusk @cb_doge @McDonalds The Home Ec. class at my daughters school tested out a happy meal (burger & fries) to see if would mold, it’s been there over a year, maybe two & never molded, just stale😂

@FutureJurvetson @elonmusk @cb_doge @McDonalds @DairyQueen Thank you for clarifying, @FutureJurvetson Was about to do the same Lol My OCD was going nuts ;)