Biden is trying to take away our beautiful healthy incandescent light bulbs and force us all to use ugly and physically harmful fluorescent and LED lights. I am urging mass protests across America this coming week. Call in sick. Go on strike. Carry out acts of civil……

@GraduatedBen Incandescent bulbs are fine and will not destroy the environment. Mandate heat pumps instead of basic AC for heating/cooling. That will actually matter.

@elonmusk @GraduatedBen Heat pumps don't work as well in areas that are usually hot and humid, such as the American South or much of India?

@elonmusk @GraduatedBen The other day I talked to some guy whose AC ran on natural gas. Like bro, you burn methane your house? But yeah, swapping in LED bulbs that use 1/10th the power is a no-brainer. I don't see you putting incandescent lighting in your #Tesla cars, brave cult warrior 😆

@IamBrookJackson @elonmusk Do you sleep @IamBrookJackson? You carry such a heavy burden for the world. We are here for you and appreciate and love you more than you can ever imagine. 🙏🌎

@elonmusk @GraduatedBen Heat pumps simply do not work in cold weather. They do not actually heat a home, but work to have it not cold. Under 35 degrees, they are very ineffective, making them quite unpopular. Living in Ohio, widespread customer dissatisfaction. Maybe in warm states, not in the North.

@elonmusk LEDs and fluorescents trigger migraines and seizures for people who are photosensitive. I used to get migraines with stroke-like symptoms. I haven’t had any in two years after replacing all my home lighting with incandescent. Biden’s incandescent/halogen light ban is an assault……

@elonmusk @GraduatedBen They should just go to Target, get incandescent-looking or classic Edison lightbulbs that are LED and call it a day

@JimTrakas @elonmusk @GraduatedBen We have a cold weather Daikin central heat pump and it works fine down to 5F in frigid Minnesota. In fact, it was 6F overnight and my emergency heat never triggered. You need a model suited for cold climates along with good insulation and windows.

@11thJeff @elonmusk @GraduatedBen your bio blurb compared to your tweeting is a well balanced blend of sadness and pity.

@GraduatedBen @elonmusk Really? That probably means you can’t even use a new TV, computer or cell phone man. That sucks