Twitter will be the gold standard of discovering the truth about anything @elonmusk

@elonmusk @Teslaconomics Twitter is the only place with consistently accurate information in 2023

@elonmusk @Teslaconomics Our newspaper handle @himalayan_mail was suspended and it’s a handle for a local regional newspaper. And just no way to get it reinstated! No response from @Twitter @TwitterSupport

@elonmusk @Teslaconomics So you will move back to the center and focus on the mission?

@elonmusk @Teslaconomics oh, so there will be a tweet detector that marks tweets with notes that say, satire, sarcasm, comedy, hyperbole, propaganda and grooming?

@elonmusk @Teslaconomics Sans bots now too. what a qualitative difference that has made!

@ThomasGaudett13 @elonmusk @Teslaconomics People who think there are 300 genders aren't "the center."

@DrKnowItAll16 @elonmusk @Teslaconomics I mostly only see bots in New followers and dms ..... much much less in replies now.