Let's not just focus on whether #GPT4 will do more harm or good on the job market, but also on whether its coding skills will hasten the arrival of #superintelligence – for which AI safety researchers have so far failed to discover any safety guarantees: youtube.com/watch?v=3Om9ss…

@tegmark Maximum truth-seeking is my best guess for AI safety

@elonmusk @tegmark The greatest secret are always hidden in the most unlikeliest of places said Roald Dahl. Maybe they're inside you @tegmark

@elonmusk @tegmark AI gets a lot more dangerous when you give it arms and legs. Would your robot kill all the neighborhood's cats if ordered? If given a can of spray paint, would it put a peace sign on every car it sees is asked to? Will it know it shouldn't rob banks? Would it rip open every…

@elonmusk @tegmark Too bad we could not employ that for people. Nothing of what you live in would exist.

@elonmusk @tegmark Isn't that why the HAL-9000 went nuts though? Its fundamental programming was for maximum accuracy. Then it was ordered to lie about the Jupiter mission.

@elonmusk @tegmark To take this to the extreme. Humans can’t hurt other humans if there are no humans to hurt.

@elonmusk @tegmark Truth is the true currency of our times, and most of the world is extremely impoverished.

@elonmusk @tegmark In this day and age of everyone living their own truth?

@elonmusk @tegmark We can’t get the government to tell the truth about what we see with our own eyes. The system is nearly completely corrupt. Look how they treated us during and since Covid? How can we count on them to be transparent with AI?