#FSDBeta v11.3.2 downloading ✔️

“allowing higher acceleration during the alignment phase” @elonmusk Assertive offense ✔️

@Kristennetten We’re close to using NNs all the way from image-space to vector-space to control

@elonmusk @Kristennetten Congratulations!!! Save lives. The senseless deaths on the road must be reduced tremendously sooner vs later. Every day almost a hundred ppl die on the road somewhere. It's sad and must end with technology like FSD stopping accidents from happening that often today.

@elonmusk @Kristennetten Hey Elon, congrats (and thank you) to the Autonomy Team for getting Full Self-Driving v11.3.2 out to vehicle owners tonight! We've seen newly delivered vehicle owners interested in trying out FSD! Will we see a subsequent update released for them soon? Thank you, as always.

@elonmusk @Kristennetten Can you let us in on what part of fsd is still hard coded?

@elonmusk The Tesla vehicle’s train phenomenally well with vector space using just cameras and software NNs.

@elonmusk Thank you for the opportunity to test this cutting edge technology. It’s absolutely amazing we can partake!

@elonmusk @Kristennetten It has made a positive difference so far based on many of my v11.3.1 drives!