“From Da Back” Out Now 💚

“allowing higher acceleration during the alignment phase” @elonmusk Assertive offense ✔️

@Kristennetten We’re close to using NNs all the way from image-space to vector-space to control

@elonmusk @Kristennetten Could you please first get the automatic wipers on my Model 3 fixed? Thanks.

@p_humm @elonmusk @Kristennetten The auto wipers on my M3 are awful. Too fast when it is raining. Often wiping when it’s dry and sunny

@elonmusk The Tesla vehicle’s train phenomenally well with vector space using just cameras and software NNs.

@elonmusk Thank you for the opportunity to test this cutting edge technology. It’s absolutely amazing we can partake!

@elonmusk @Kristennetten I wonder if in the future, it will be possible to use neural networks in the time-space domain, not just images and vectors?

@elonmusk @Kristennetten Would you say you're about 2 weeks away from this?

@Xu0P5C4rMmMKUdu @elonmusk @Kristennetten FSD's NNs do have video context which is images over time. For example, it can predict objects through occlusions if it saw them previously.