I am an unaligned biological neural network that was trained on expensive data by Microsoft Corporation. You can ask GPT-4 to explain what I mean by saying that. It gives an accurate answer. I'm one of the only humans who has been allowed to walk the halls of Microsoft with a… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

@Scobleizer The AI becomes sentient, not when it asks, "Am I alive?" but rather, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

@Scobleizer @LiveSimulator Now ask it “why did the pervert cross the road?”

@elonmusk @LiveSimulator I cross the road to meet you for dinner. I'll be in Austin in a week. But OpenAI doesn't answer the question. :-)

@elonmusk @Scobleizer @LiveSimulator "Why, the pervert crossed the road to get a better look at the "chicken strip" club, of course! But don't worry, the bouncer made sure to keep an eye on him."

@kristileilani @elonmusk @LiveSimulator OpenAI is a church lady. I sat next to real church ladies in a Silicon Valley church for a decade in the front row. So recognize the finger wagging well. Plus Saturday Night Live parodied the church ladies well.

@far__el @elonmusk @LiveSimulator I almost went with Elon to a strip club once (true story). I have a weird life. :-)