.@elonmusk, how about a feature on @twitter that serves you the most-liked tweets that take the opposite side of the argument that you just viewed? We should always want to know the best case against a view we have come to believe.

@elonmusk @BillAckman @twitter I like the idea but how would you identify the opposite side without human input? Would have to be manually identified and could be manipulated.

@elonmusk @BillAckman @twitter The only way to learn is to be exposed to the opposite.

@elonmusk @BillAckman @twitter If we can toggle back and forth otherwise not a fan of the feature. To see the most liked of the opposite ideas basically just follow the right and left influencers and just see how they tweet.

@elonmusk @BillAckman @twitter I would advocate that those go directly to a file designated by the user. Flooding someone's feed with unwanted posts may curb their usage or make them leave the platform.

@elonmusk @BillAckman @twitter Sounds silly & scripted to me so if a person has the best idea like say the cure for cancer we should be forced to see the opposite such as propaganda to make cancer exacerbated? Or any other best, worst scenario.

@elonmusk @BillAckman @twitter Normalize it by follower count if you want to find real quality.

@elonmusk @BillAckman @twitter I like seeing every side, if just to keep up with the propaganda and brainwashing.

@elonmusk @BillAckman @twitter Years ago I was developing a news site. The idea was this... - Let users choose were they are on the political spectrum - Let users choose how much contrary material they want to view - Send contrary material from well regarded writers on the other side of the spectrum easy ;)