.@elonmusk, how about a feature on @Twitter that serves you the most-liked tweets that take the opposite side of the argument that you just viewed? We should always want to know the best case against a view we have come to believe.

@elonmusk @BillAckman @Twitter Will that update go live soon where user will be able to see their account status and reason for their shadow ban in case?

@ICannot_Enough @elonmusk It’s a great idea and it will be named the NonStephenson indicator

@elonmusk @BillAckman @Twitter LLMs could be huge in offering a selection of tweets that reflect an understanding of the content. Could be a complete game changer for Twitter as a product, and for its ad engine.

@WholeMarsBlog @elonmusk @BillAckman @Twitter Amazing ideas get refined on Twitter in real time. Twitter is so incredibly good for creative minds. @elonmusk

@elonmusk @BillAckman @Twitter Most liked in its own doesn't mean much Most liked by people on the other side of the argument would be incredibly valuable