Corrupt New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg received $1 million from Soros in his election for NYC DA.

@catturd2 Soros figured out a clever arbitrage opportunity: The many small political contests, such as DAs & judges, have much higher impact per dollar spent than the big races, so it is far easier to sway the outcome.

@elonmusk @catturd2 Do you ever respond to anything that isn’t maga or hate related? How can you be so anti trans when your own daughter is. The things people say on here to trans people, you are ok saying and supporting that when it comes to your daughter? Don’t you want to protect your child?

@TimRunsHisMouth @elonmusk @catturd2 Hmmm… seems like a challenge that can be taken up by an eccentric billionaire with a different set of prime directives, that could be to apply the laws passed by the public faithfully, and not abuse their authority through discretionary application of the law. It’s a macro……

@elonmusk @catturd2 Just like the race here for Maricopa County, Sheriff. $3.2 million given to Pennzone

@JennaEllisEsq @WKortepeter @elonmusk @catturd2 Why is Georgie so worried? He’s old; going to meet his maker soon.

@RealTayChaTLC @elonmusk @catturd2 When you see your own child struggle with a mental health disorder of which the world keeps saying “just go with it” … it’s hard. You love your child more than life itself and you have to try to help them understand without their embracing the poison lies that the trans……

@BarnettforAZ @elonmusk @catturd2 Just left phx and while it’s still better than CA, it’s gone downhill since I was here a few months ago. It’s heartbreaking. None of this was here and none in downtown like it is now