Today is the last day to register to vote to have your ballot mailed to you for the California Recall Election. You do not need to re-register unless you've changed your name or address.

Friendly reminder, if you live in California today is your LAST DAY to register to vote for the California Recall Election 💖🗳…

@ddlovato RIP U.S. Marine, LCpl Kareem Nikoui , of Norco, California. As a proud Marine, Lance Corporal Nikoui and his unit put themselves in harms way in order to provide safety to others. That’s the definition of courage. That’s the embodiment of the Marine Corps motto, Semper Fidelis

@ddlovato The California recall election is really nothing more than a desperate opportunity for a GOP power grab. Imagine the implications for the state (COVID-19, economy) and the U.S. (GOP emboldening, 50+ electoral votes) if the GOP wins. Vote NO for Question 1 on the recall ballot.

@ddlovato Vote No on Question 1 of the California recall ballot. Remember, just because many Californians are registered Dem doesn't automatically mean it stays blue. Voter registration doesn't mean shit if you don't even vote. Voting, not registration, is what keeps CA blue. Vote now.

@ddlovato RIP U.S. Marine, LCpl Rylee McCollum. The Marine got married in February, on VDay, before being sent overseas on his first deployment in April. The newlyweds were expecting their first child. He grew up in Jackson, Wyo. and wanted to join the armed forces since he was 2