Donald Trump's legal battle heats up. In response to the plaintiff's letter brief, the United States requests the court to resolve the motion to amend the complaint first. Then, allow 30 days for the joint proposed briefing schedule on the substitution issue. Citing Westfall……

Congress must address the debt ceiling by June 5 or the US government could run out of cash to pay its bills on time, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warns

@cnnbrk Can the billionaires and millionaires in congress use their own money to cover while deciding how much to steal from the actual workers?

@cnnbrk Soooo….the June 1 date was bullshit Just like everything else out of this Administration is bullshit

@cnnbrk House Republicans have done their Constitutional duty and passed a bill to increase the debt ceiling. Senate Dems have refused to put the bill to a vote so any default is 100% on them and the president. Period.

@cnnbrk We don’t need cash. We can just live off the weird Crypto stuff that Elon promotes.

@like_argue @cnnbrk Out of control spending which is driving inflation is the real theft from the actual workers.

@cnnbrk Maybe planned Parenthood funding could get cut since it's just govt funded abortions

@cnnbrk VOTE ROBERT F KENNEDY JR FOR PRESIDENT TO ELIMINATE THE CIA & FRIENDS!!! Michael Knudsen Robert Kennedy an honest man Or CIA director Burns a liar and murderer.